Code Black Season 2 Finale Spoilers: Death Looms for a Major Character

Code Black Season 2 Finale Spoilers: Death Looms for a Major Character PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/ Lee Haywood |

Code Black season 2 will have its finale episode and there is no doubt that the series will go out with a bang. To end a season is a bid burden on the shoulders of the writers. Not only do they have to make it interesting, at the same time they provide twists as well .The latest update suggested the rumored death of a major character.

The medical doctors of the Angels Memorial Hospital always have a lot on their plate when it comes to emergencies. In the worst cases, there are even some deaths that can’t be avoided. However, this time around, the writers are determined to twist things up by possibly killing off a major character in the series.

Finale Worthy

According to International Business Times, the upcoming season finale “Fallen Angels” will have one of the most intense cases to fall upon Angels Memorial. They decide to team up with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention to find an antidote to a deadly viral outbreak. Marcia Gay Harden’s character Dr. Leanne Rorosh, may have to make a life threatening decision.

On Fansided, executive producer Michale Seitzman shares what will happen in the finale and in the future. The viral outbreak is of hemorrhagic fever. This Ebola-like virus has the military and CSC on a search for the cure. In the process, there are a few cast members that get sick with “tragic” results.

Death In The Series?

Although there are not a lot of details leaked, the actress shared that the last two episodes are very “impactful.” They are fighting a viral disease and have to travel outside the city to find ground zero. However, as they try to find the cure, Harden shares that her character will get compromised. Thus, fans have speculated that she might be killed off.

While it isn’t entirely impossible for CBS to do this, it is highly unlikely. Season 2 just got a slew of new cast members introduced. They just got an additional group of interns by the later episodes. This means that there is a big possibility of a Season 3, which means the lead characters, will still be needed.

Loyal viewers will definitely enjoy the last two episodes that is “everything that the show is,” as noted by Seiztman. In fact, it could be considered as a two hour movie for those who have never watched the series as well. Those who want to see what will happen in the Code Black Season 2 finale can catch it on CBS at 9 pm EST.


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