CNN Accused of Inciting Donald Trump Assassination and Bombing of Inauguration Venue

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CNN Accused of Inciting Donald Trump Assassination and Bombing of Inauguration Venue PHOTOGRAPH: Karl-Ludwig G. Poggemann | JANUS-Tête-à-Tête: Sitting President & President-elect, Barack Obama & Donald Trump from Karl-Ludwig G. Poggemann/FLICKR with CC by 2.0

CNN came under fire for airing a report on Wednesday with the following headline: Disaster Could Put Obama Cabinet Member in Oval Office. In it, the television channel predicted what will happen if the President-Elect and the Vice President-elect were to get killed during the inauguration. CNN went onto point out that the void will be filled by someone appointed by Barack Obama since Donald Trump’s successors were not sworn-in yet. Needless to say, the report was not well received by most.

CNN Predicts Donald Trump’s Assassination

Playing a scene from the political drama Designated Survivor, CNN even showcased the capitol crumbling to the ground. It was to speculate what it would be like if Trump, Pence and all the congressional leaders were killed during the inauguration ceremony. CNN then tied fact with fiction. It went on to mention that that scenario was entirely possible if an anti-Trump maniac decided to go on rampage.

The report went on to point out that, under such circumstances, an Obama appointee would become the acting President. It came days after Donald Trump called the news agency “fake” during his press conference. A video of the actual report was uploaded on CNN’s official YouTube account (see below).

People commenting on the YouTube video have thoroughly criticized the report. “Totally not suggesting anything here, huh CNN?” said one YouTube user. “CNN wants it to happen. Wouldn’t be surprised if they pay someone with cash,” wrote another. “CNN you are Garbage!! You are nothing but an easy outlet to spew the bullshit of the evil elite that controls you!!” one angry comment said. “This is a threat against the executive branch of the United States. CNN should be permanently removed from YouTube in addition to being investigated by the Secret Service,” opined another user.

Washington D.C. Police Gear Up For Inauguration Ceremony

According to Peter Newsham, the interim chief of Washington, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department, preparations for the President’s Inauguration Day has been going on for almost a year. There was no way for knowing that Donald Trump would be elected the next POTUS back then. And the nation’s choice of president does add a number of threats in the mix.

Sure, 700,000 to 900,000 people are expected to gather at Washington D.C. to witness the event. But the police will also keep an eye out for the 99 groups scheduled to assemble at different locations in the capital. These groups will either be protesting against or showing support towards the new sworn-in President.

The fact that terrorists have been bombing mass gatherings across different parts of the world also has to be factored in. Hence, the dump trucks and buses used to create makeshift barriers, have to be double-checked before the Inauguration. This is because most of the terrorists have been known to attack using trucks.

No Confirmed Threat Against President-Elect

Nevertheless, D.C. police department has been working hand in hand with the federal bureau as well as Homeland Security. And they are pretty sure they have what it takes to keep everyone safe. “The challenge about having a large-scale demonstration back-to-back with the inauguration is that officers will have longer working days,” said Newsham, reported Time. “But police officers are used to that kind of thing.” Besides, it has been confirmed by both the Homeland Security and the D.C. that there are no credible threats against the Inauguration.

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