CNN Shows Fake Hacking Video, Uses ‘Fallout 4’ Game Footage In Russian Hacking Report

CNN Shows Fake Hacking Video, Uses ‘Fallout 4’ Game Footage In Russian Hacking Report CNN Josh Hallett/ Flickr cc

The latest news to go viral on the Internet is the CNN fake hacking footage that was taken from a video game.

The media is a keyhole into the events that are happening around the world and around the country. In fact, many rely on what the news has to be update in the recent events. However, a recent report on hackers has caught the eye of some people.

Before, people took the news as it was and never really questioned it’s legitimacy. Nowadays, it is hard to tell which news is real and which is not.

Hackers Codes Online

Although the news that comes from television stations are heralded as the most “legitimate” source of news. A CNN Fake hacking video clip was discovered when the news station made a report on Russian hackers.

According to PC Gamer, a reddit user Poofylicious saw some footage from the video game Fallout 4 during the report. An angled shot of a computer with random codes got flashed on the screen.

At the 1:02 mark, the codes are clearly seen and are identical to the Fallout 4 graphic. This code was used to show how the Russian hackers hacked the U.S. Presidential Elections.

Not The First Time

While the CNN Fallout blunder is making a buzz for this, it is not the first time that a news network used video game footage. RT had shown an image from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and Yahoo opted to use a Destiny screenshot on a Saturn’s moon report. To make things even more mind-blowing, the Assassin’s Creed Loco and Halo’s UNSC logo have been previously mistaken for real organizations.

In light of the blunder by CNN, the game’s studio Bethesda, has decided to have fun with the incident by sending out a tweet. This post was made after the news of CNN’s slip up made headlines.

It even included an image of the alleged “hack codes” in the tweet. Plus, the caption reads “Sneak Peek at Season 3 of @whoismrrobot.”

Now people are questioning the integrity of the news video editors and their choices when putting together a video. Not only is it absurd to use the game footage in real life news, but the news itself may get compromised because of it.