CIA Tested Uri Geller if He Could Trigger a Nuclear Bomb

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CIA Tested Uri Geller if He Could Trigger a Nuclear Bomb PHOTOGRAPH: TaylorHerring/Flickr | Uri Geller 11

Uri Geller is the man known for bending cutlery with his mind on British television. While some doubted his ability, Central Intelligence Agency believed that Geller actually have paranormal power. This was one of the things revealed from the 13 million-page report made public on Wednesday.

Uri Geller: Psychic Could Trigger Nukes

Geller always encountered skepticism from the British public. CIA considered that the “spoonbender” was psychic for real, as they had conducted experiments on Geller in 1973. These declassified experiment documents were extraordinary and were recently revealed.

CIA conducted experiments on the man for eight days. During these experiments, he was tested for “clairvoyant” or “telepathic” abilities, Telegraph UK reported. These experiments were a part of “Stargate” program. The program was aimed at arming, what the CIA dubbed “remote viewing,” and an attempt to recruit “psychic warriors”.

However, program “Stargate” was decommissioned in 1998. It was concluded that the program could not give any adequate ground for actionable intelligence operations. Geller was contacted for his response, and he stated that representations of this kind were the “tip of the iceberg.”

He also said that he had been asked by CIA, Mossad and other intelligence agencies for specific jobs. For instance, the CIA once took Geller to a radiation lab during the Cold War and asked if he could trigger a nuclear bomb. “I’m mind-blown they’ve released this because there are still remote viewing programs active, many intelligence agencies use them,” Geller said.

Uri Geller: Working With The CIA

Geller now lived in Israel. He stated that the TV he was doing, where he showed his spoon bending antics, had acted as a “good cover” for his espionage work. Furthermore, he said he never cared about skeptics and that he did many things for the CIA, said Washington Post.

“They wanted me to stand outside the Russian Embassy in Mexico, and erase floppy discs being flown out by Russian agents.” Geller said. “I had to get near someone signing a nuclear deal and bombard him with ‘sign, sign, sign.” He stated that the agency wanted to use his powers as they feared that Russia had men of his kind in the KGB.

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