Former CIA Analyst Lambasted US For Awarding Saudi Prince With Top Honor

Former CIA Analyst Lambasted US For Awarding Saudi Prince With Top Honor PHOTOGRAPH: U.S. Department of State | Under U.S. Government Works

The George Tenet award was given to Saudi Arabia’s crowned prince Mohammed bin Nayef. The CIA awarded the prince for his contributions to fighting terrorism and realizing world peace and security. However, a former CIA analyst harshly criticized the intelligence community for this.

The Award Is a Bad Joke

Former CIA intelligence analyst Ron Aledo said that the award could act as a prelude to U.S.-Saudi Arabia strengthening their diplomatic ties. While this can be a positive development, he stated however that the award could also act as a direct threat to Iran. He explained further that while CIA awarded the medal to the prince in order to acknowledge his fight against terrorism, it is globally known that Saudi Arabia is accused of aiding errorists. The United States itself laid those accusations in the past, Aledo stressed.

In an exclusive interview with RT, Aledo stated that Saudi Arabia is know to support terrorist activities in its very own kingdom. Furthermore, the country is also accused of attempting to support terrorism in Syria, he said. Aledo further said he believes almost every Sunni terrorist  have been aided by Saudi Arabia.

“It is absolutely kind of a bad joke that we give them the medal for fighting terrorism,” Aledo said. “The thing is we don’t know why they are giving this medal to this Saudi prince. We don’t know the reason, we can only speculate. Perhaps, this is a diplomatic overture or some kind of honey approach to Saudi Arabia, they do help us control terrorists in Syria,” he highlighted.

What is the George Tenet award really about?

CIA director Mike Pompeo awarded the George Tenet award to Prince bin Nayef. The award was given to him, while the new chief was making an overseas visit for the first time to Turkey during the weekend. Prince bin Nayef was awarded the medal for his amazing and intelligence performance in the area of counter-terrorism, said The Independent.

The award was also given to him for his extraordinary contribution to uplift world security and peace. The prince was the interior minister since 2012. He has been working to crack down al-Qaeda’s operations in Saudi Arabia for several years. In addition, the Crown Prince was also a victim of a failed assassination, in 2009.

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