Chris Lattner Bio: Apple Software Developer Now Tesla VP for Autopilot Software

Chris Lattner Bio: Apple Software Developer Now Tesla VP for Autopilot Software Chris Lattner / Twitter

Apple recently lost one of its human weapons in terms of software development. Chris Lattner, Apple’s Swift creator, has departed from the iPhone company yesterday to join Tesla.

Shortly after it was confirmed that Lattner is leaving Apple later in January, Tesla immediately released a formal announcement on Tuesday. Lattner is now Tesla’s Vice President of Autopilot Software.

Chris invested 11 years of his life with Apple. His major contribution was creating Swift, Apple’s most recent programming language. The software makes it easy for Apple beginners to pick up and begin creating apps for MacOS. “We would like to welcome Chris Lattner, who will join Tesla as our Vice President of Autopilot Software,” Tesla said in a statement.

The position was filled by SpaceX VP of Software Jinnah Hossein, who managed to do two jobs for both companies (like Elon Musk himself does in the CEO spot). The company announced that it is “excited” having Chris in its company. His abilities and skills would help them “accelerate the future of autonomous driving.”

Chris Lattner Bio

Chris has contributed largely in technology. He has brought up steps toward innovation.

His history includes creating the Clang compiler as well as designing the LLVM compiler optimization infrastructure. He was also a key contributor to Objective C’s evolution and worked on Apple’s Xcode software development tool during his time at the Steve Jobs-owned company.

Lattner’s move comes after his previous company abandoned its own efforts to build a branded self-driving car. Apple reportedly abandoned “Project Titan,” its supposed electric autonomous vehicle, late 2015.

Aside from being good at what he does, apparently, he also likes building beautiful raw-edge wood furniture. See the photo below:

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