China Rapidly Developing Advanced Weapon Technology

China Rapidly Developing Advanced Weapon Technology Under cc by sa 2.0

The China vs U.S.A. feud will not slow down at any cost as both nations try to outmatch each other. To be a step ahead of the U.S., China’s government are pushing for more innovations to create advanced weapon technology. Reportedly, China’s scientists and innovators are developing powerful lasers, microwave weapons, and electromagnetic railguns of which attack could be launch from space.

With China’s latest attempt in weaponry innovation, it seems like the country is inching closer to a Star Wars-like war in the future. Moreover, the projects are not only simply orchestrated by mad scientists, rather, the Chinese government is looking for the next big thing in weaponry technology.

The Northwest Institute of Nuclear Technology in Xi’an has been working on a potent microwave weapon for over six years. Huang Wenhua and his team’s creation even won China’s National Science and Technology Progress Award. The microwave weapon is conveniently small but powerful enough to take down the electronics of the enemy. The microwave weapon can fit into a missile or drone.

China vs U.S.A.: China inches to a Star Wars-like future

Basically, the weapon can shut down the enemy’s electronic system, even those systems that have a traditional shield against EMPs. The weapon bombards the target with energy pulses from 300 to 300,000 megahertz. Technically, this amount of directed energy overloads electronic circuits.

Furthermore, if the microwave weapon releases a higher amount of energy, it will cause greater disruptions. It can even bring down engines and communications systems. Additionally, China can use the microwave weapon as a part of an electronic warfare booby traps. It could disrupt and disable enemy vehicles and robots. It can mount on vehicles, warships, and aircraft to disable missiles and small UAVs.

The greatest potential of the weapon is in its offense. If the weapon is a stealth drone or cruise missile, it can disable the most sophisticated enemy defenses and anti-ship missile batteries. It can roast hostile forces’ radars as well as the communications and control systems. The microwave weapon can also paralyze tank battalions.

China vs U.S.A.: The Chinese government wants to be more innovative with their arsenal

Aside from the microwave weapon, some Chinese domestic techs are also creating powerful lasers. Many countries developed some prototypes of directed-energy weapons, like laser cannons and railguns. However, only a few prototypes see the production due to its size and weight. In 2012, Boeing 747 carried a Boeing YAL-1 airborne laser to simply kill a small drone. The project was canceled thereafter. China continues to develop its laser weapon capabilities, as their scientists look for ways to show proof of concept of their futuristic weapons.

Beijing pushes to produce cutting-edge technology for new weapons. The government is partnering with technology companies to develop advanced weapons and be a step ahead of its enemies. Chinese President Xi Jinping urged the People’s Liberation Army ‘to speed up’ the application of advanced technologies. The president sees that an integrated military and civilian development is key to upgrade the country’s military capabilities.

Source: The National Interest, Popular Mechanics

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