China Builds Alive, Breathing Skyscrapers

China Builds Alive, Breathing Skyscrapers PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Kevin Dooley | Under CC BY 2.0

China is investing in a project called “Nanjing Green Towers,” which would comprise of a couple of skyscrapers which would essentially be vertically stacked forests. It would be the world’s third living breathing buildings to be built by the architectural company, Stefano Boeri. The unusual project is an attempt by the East Asian country to check the rapidly growing pollution in its nation.

Nanjing Green Towers Environmental Benefits

China has dabbled in many challenging and never-before-seen projects in the past, such as constructing glass bridges and glass bathrooms. So, it wasn’t surprising when some Chinese technicians came up with the plan to erect two towering buildings stylized with around 1,100 trees and an array of over 2,500 shrubs and plants. However, the outer appearance counts for little when one considers the beneficial aspects of the vertical forests. Doing what plants do best, The Nanjing Towers is predicted to absorb 25 tons of CO2 every year and replace it with 132 pounds of oxygen on a daily basis.

New York and Sydney have air quality indexes of 60, while London’s air quality is rated as 100. While the two former ones are often categorized as “moderate”, the later is on the verge of “unhealthy,” reported CNET. However, when it comes to Nanjing, the air quality can almost be ranked as unlivable as it stands at 167.

Sibling Towers

The two towers will vary in sizes. One tower will stand at 656 ft tall, while the second one will be slightly shorter and have a height of 354 ft. The taller building will host an architecture school, a museum and a number of corporate offices. The shorter one, on the other hand will be housing a Hyatt Hotel. The lower levels will also contain shops, a food market, restaurants, a conference hall and event space. Hence, it would function like any other skyscraper in China, only in a much healthier atmosphere.

Cities like Milan, Italy and Lausanne, Switzerland are already running their own successful versions of vertical forests. The construction of the Nanjing Green Towers is estimated to be completed by the following year. If the towers are executed to perfection, structures similar to the current ones maybe built in cities like Chongqing, Shijiazhuang, Liuzhou, Guizhou and Shanghai. This is undoubtedly an exceptional feat from both an environmental as well as architectural standpoint. Boeri, the construction company, has worked on projects like “mountain forest hotel” in China and “urban tree lounge” in Italy in the past, reported Travel And Leisure.

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