Chilean Navy Releases UFO Sighting Video

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Chilean Navy Releases UFO Sighting Video PHOTOGRAPH: Vladimir Pustovit/Flickr | UFO

A video showing a UFO involved in highly unusual behavior was released to the public by the Chilean Navy. Authorities studied the video for the last two years.

UFO: New Chilean Video

The CEFAA is the Chilean government agency that investigates UFOs and UAP (unidentified Aerial phenomena). In addition, this agency was investigating the nine-minute video.

The CEFAA has committees of military specialists, academicians and technicians from a lot of disciplines. However, none of them could explain the strange flying object. The video was captured by two experienced Navy officers from a helicopter.

Huffington Post said the Chilean government agency had always informed the public when its investigation is complete. The department also accepts the existence of UAP if a case gives an appropriate conclusion.

Director of CEFAA General Ricardo Bermúdez said, while investigating, that they did not know what the object was. However, he said that they knew what it was not. According to him, the object was not something that could have conventional explanations.

The incident took place on November 11, 2014, when a Chilean Navy helicopter (Airbus Cougar AS-532) was on a regular daytime patrol mission. It was flying north along the coast, west of Santiago.

A Navy Captain with many years of flying experience and a Navy technician were on board. The technician was testing a WESCAM’s MX-15 HD Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) camera.

The helicopter was flying at a height of almost 4,500 feet. The afternoon was clear and there was unlimited horizontal visibility. While recording with the camera, the technician saw an unusual object flying to the left over the ocean.

In a short time both men saw the object with the naked eye. According to their analysis, the object was flying at the same velocity and altitude of the helicopter. Furthermore, they calculated that the object was almost 35 to 40 miles (55-65 km) away.

UFO: Chilean Spying Scandal

Recently, there was a controversy involving the nation’s navy. The Chilean navy was reportedly accused of spying over female sailors.

They had kept cameras hidden inside their dormitory. This incident took place on the vessel FF-07 Admiral Lynch. The UFO incident, conveniently, came right after the spying scandal.

According to RT, there images of the women changing clothes taken from the camera. Those images were shared in a Whatsapp group without the knowledge of the female sailors.

“The main suspect is in custody, the others involved have been released, but they are being tried and on Thursday they will have to appear at a hearing,” said Chile’s Minister of National Defense José Antonio Gómez.

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