Chemtrails Conspiracy: Illuminati Spreading Viruses To Boost Medical Companies’ Income, Says UFOlogist

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Chemtrails Conspiracy: Illuminati Spreading Viruses To Boost Medical Companies’ Income, Says UFOlogist Chemtrails Rool Paap / Flickr

A conspiracy theorist has accused world leaders of releasing chemicals into the sky using chemtrails. Conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring suggests these chemicals are to keep the public in check and even make them sick.

Illuminati like business tycoons are spreading disease-causing, mind-controlling substances through chemtrails, the conspiracy theorist claims. Waring made the revelation on his website, UFO Sightings Daily.

He posted a video that allegedly reveals a UFO behind the contrails behind a passenger jet on December 16 in Slovakia. He said the UFO was “scientifically analyzing” the substances in the trail passenger jet.

As noted by Express UK, conspiracy theories regarding the danger presented by the substances sprayed from chemtrails have surfaced online. The publication notes these substances can be anything form “aerosols to stop global warming, to happy gs to keep populations in check, and even viral bacteria to make people sick and line the pockets of pharmaceutical companies.”

UFO Sightings Daily notes the released substances can potentially cause diseases including Zika, bird flu and even cancer. The website also states world governments release “secret substances” in order make people more controllable. This will, as the website notes, help them progress in their political agendas.

Chuck Norris A Believer Of Chemtrails Conspiracy

The Illuminati, a secret group of business tycoons who run the governments, are allegedly behind the chemtrail conspiracy. Hollywood actor Chuck Norris is one of the believers of the chemtrail conspiracy. Waring noted on his website that people don’t believe in the existence of “flying saucers”.

“Just wait until they appear in large quantity. Around the entire planet will demonstrate their ability to fly, their appearance and disappearance,” he says.

Nevertheless, there is no concrete evidence to back the claims of chemtrails, existence of a secret group known as Illuminati, or UFOs visiting the Earth. The internet and social media are principal factors associated with the increase in conspiracy theories.