CES 2017: Self-driving BMW in Production Very Soon

CES 2017: Self-driving BMW in Production Very Soon BMW from Dushan Hanuska / Flickr with CC BY 2.0

Attending the CES 2017 is every techie’s dream. This is the occasion where people are given a glimpse into the future of technology.

Technology has progressed rapidly in the past few decades as more and more tech is fused into daily life. In the past, it was only a dream to hold the world in your hand, but now, it is an everyday necessity. This is just the beginning, but developers, scientists, and researchers are already on to their next venture.

The next big thing is cars. While there is nothing wrong with the machines that roam the streets today, at CES 2017, manufacturers are speculating that the future will have self-driving car technology.

The idea is not entirely new, in fact, it has been a big topic at CES for years. However, this year, manufacturers have pushed the envelope by providing real demos.

BMW At The Forefront

There were a lot of other technology available for self-driving tech comparison. BMW previewed a self-driving demo, where a 5-series sedan is put into self-driving mode on the freeway. Unfortunately, the car doesn’t change lanes. It was a more limited version of the previous demo, but it is likely to go into production very soon.

According to Engadget, BMW was the flashiest of the bunch; it gave options on what to do inside the car itself. Drivers can do online shopping, watch videos or films, read books online and even get a personalized tour on the way.

Even the BMW CEO feels the pressure to step up their game. On the BMW Blog, CEO Harald Krueger is determined to have their autonomous driving cars on the road within five years.

The Potential Competition

According to CNET, Audi and Nvidia’s partnership resulted to a Lincoln MKS and a Q7 running on a test track. Both cars used similar tech to follow a curved track. Some parts of the track did not have lines and tested the integrity of the product. Such was able to test Nvidia’s new self-driving super computer called Xavier.

Actually, Delphi, an equipment supplier, has probably the most interesting demo. This is because it offered the best example of an autonomous car driving the busy streets of Las Vegas.

Lastly, other cars like Honda, Bosch, Toyota and Chrysler have concept cars available. Unfortunately, they did not work like the others and were only up for display.

Perhaps by 2018, there are cars ready to take on the real world. Considering the pace the technology development is going, it looks like it is possible to see them on the road soon.


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