CES 2017: How Renault Makes Electric Car Charging Dramatically Easier

CES 2017: How Renault Makes Electric Car Charging Dramatically Easier PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Dan Marsh |

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017) will be an interesting event most especially for electronic car enthusiasts. Renault is making waves after it made charging electric cars way easier. Four of Renault’s strategic partners will be presenting the open-innovation and open-source projects for the event.

Renault’s Aims for Event

Renault’s technological strategic partners are OSVehicle, Pilot, ARM and Sensoria. The company’s open approach aims to explore the ever-changing automotive landscape. The partners want to explore various hardware and software modifications when it comes to electronic cars.

Renault’s Vice President of Engineering Pierrick Cornet explained how the company wants to innovate and explore more possibilities. According to CarScoops, Cornet thinks that the industry is rapidly changing. The company works on incorporating fresh technological advancements with new scenarios in mind. Renault will explore the possibilities of a new era of transportation. It is also looking forward to a future with zero emissions.

Renault’s collaboration with other companies such as Pilot is a great strategy for the company. The two companies have made electric car-charging easier. They created the world’s first electroluminescent charging cable for such vehicles.

The innovation is the result of Pilot’s Light Pulse Cable technology and Renault’s electric mobility. Furthermore, this cable aims to simplify the charging process of a car’s battery.

Charging Process Explained

According to Express UK, the cable indicates the charging level of the car. The cable performs its task by flashing an on-and-off pattern. The lights signify the flow of electricity once the cable is connected to the car and the charging point.

If the charge level is lower, there will be higher current flow. The cable will show the charging status through the flash rate, which will slow down when the battery is recharged.

Cornet sees the CES as one of the biggest stages to present their ideas. The company is excited to collaborate with its partners. After all, Renault has also established the Renault-Nissan alliance.

The event started on January 5. Aside from Renault’s presentation, other events on the show will implore technological advancement. This includes discussions about cybersecurity, crypto-currencies, Autonomous Vehicle Technology and tech business models.

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