CES 2017: How LG Helped Sony Create Stunning Bravia OLED TV


The recent CES 2017 showcased a lot of startups and giants in the tech industry. One of the most anticipated reveals was Sony’s newest OLED TV. A few years ago, Sony focused development of the LCD TV until the recent electronics show.

Sony unleashes its own OLED series

Sony unveiled its new Bravia A1 OLED series during the CES 2017. A few years ago, major electronic manufacturers thought they cannot profit by manufacturing an OLED TV. As a result, LG was the last company who believed the power of OLED TVs and sold it to consumers.

Now that Sony unleashed its own OLED TV, people started believing there will be a race between Sony and LG. However, the new offering from Sony came to fruition using LG’s display. LG provided Sony with the technology to build its own OLED TV.

This will puzzle a lot of people. But once they get a clear picture of how LG works, they will understand why the company provided the tech to a competitor.

How LG helped Sony to create the Bravia OLED TV

The Verge reported that the LG Display and LG Electronics are separate entities. The LG Display will develop, package and sell its tech products. Sony can buy LG Display’s innovations and use its own name on a white-label basis. A white label product or service can be re-branded by another company and use its name on it.

LG Electronics is competing with Sony in terms of the OLED TV. Basically, LG Display will provide the necessary device, and it is up to Sony’s development to make the product theirs.

Sony’s OLED TV ‘Invisible Speakers’

LG ruled the OLED TV industry because there was no competition in the market. The company will meet its match with Sony’s newest OLED TV offering. Sony made sure to make the A1 series 4K and HDR compatible. This is a big deal for the TV’s speakers.

Unlike other TV sets, the Sony Bravia series does not feature a speaker. The PC Authority reported that the OLED Bravia would provide audio through the vibration of the screens. In layman’s term, Bravia used the screen as the unit’s speaker. Sony calls it as the world’s first Acoustic Surface sound system.

The Sony OLED TV made the speakers invisible. This feature in itself will appeal to buyers, but with the recent OLED feature, LG will have a tough competition in the market.

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