CES 2017: Jeans can Give Travel Directions – Oddest, Weirdest Tech Innovations to Date

CES 2017: Jeans can Give Travel Directions – Oddest, Weirdest Tech Innovations to Date Under CC BY 2.0

CES 2017 in Las Vegas showcased various technology and automotive innovations. There are great inventions, yes, but the event also has the weirdest tech innovations to date.

The giants in the industry showed off products that aim to generate billions of dollars in sales. Meanwhile, hopeful entrepreneurs opened warehouses to find investors and sales leads or attract media attention. The oddest innovations became hot topics as the media zoomed in on some peculiar inventions.

List of the Weirdest and Oddest Innovations in CES 2017

1. Smart Jeans

A person will no longer have to worry about getting lost. A French company came up with smart jeans that can give directions.

The smart jeans, which also functions as vibrating shorts, is an innovation from Spinali Design. The jeans will vibrate on the right or left hip to let the user know the right way when he or she is lost. A smartwatch has the same function, but jeans are a fresher approach in geolocation navigation.

Aside from the smart jeans, there is also the vibrating bikini. The bikini will start buzzing when a person is out in the sun for too long. It is also a signal for the person to apply more sunscreen. The jeans cost $100, while the bikini is priced at $140.

2. Electronic Skin

Xenoma, a smart apparel company, has come up with an e-skin innovation. The e-skin is a shirt with sensors that can measure breathing, movement, pressure, body temperature and perspiration. The shirt is wireless, which is connected to a smartphone or a personal computer.

The developers claim that the shirt is essential and can be used for health monitoring. These also work on virtual-reality gaming functions.

3. Digital Backpack

Pop-I, a California startup, created a backpack with a built-in digital screen. The screen can display photos the user took, or the ones in the photo gallery. POP-I’s E Ink backpack is not yet available; it will come out later this year. Its price range from $99 to $399 depending on the material and screen size. Also, Pop-I will be expanding the feature to other clothing or products as well.

4. Smart Toothbrush for Kids

Two companies vie for kids to get them to brush their teeth. The Grush toothbrush costs $59. The product is a gaming toothbrush that encourages children to brush their teeth by making it part of a video game. The kids will scrub monsters depicted on their teeth.

On the other hand, the Playbrush is a toothbrush that can be attached on an analog toothbrush. Fortunately, it only costs $29.99.

5. 3D Violin

The 3Dvarius is a 3D-printed electric violin. It is mostly clear plastic. The innovation sounds like an electric guitar than the violin. It costs around $6,142 USD (€5,833). The maker of the 3DVarius has the feel of a classic violin. The user can personalize his or her music based from a playlist.

The CES 2017 event was surely packed with odd yet interesting innovations. The event showcases innovators around the world. All in all, these inventors are set to collide with the norm of current technology.

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