Captain Marvel Director and Script Update: Movie Schedule Going as Planned

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Captain Marvel Director and Script Update: Movie Schedule Going as Planned PHOTOGRAPH: Captain Marvel Facebook Page |

Marvel Studios confirmed Brie Larson for Captain Marvel at SDCC 2016. Since then, several directors have been shortlisted for the movie. However, the hunt is still on with no updates on the starting dates of its production.

It may look like Marvel Studios is struggling in finding the right director for the movie. However, an insider journalist has confirmed that its schedule is going as planned. Furthermore, the studio’s patience could be a sign that the movie is one of their top priorities.

The news came from Variety film reporter Justin Kroll. Kroll is known for sharing comic book movie scoops. He also provided accurate updates on Captain Marvel in the past.

Captain Marvel Script Still in the Works

A fan questioned Kroll on Twitter, asking when Marvel studios will announce or confirm the director for Captain Marvel. “Marvel in no rush, waiting to get a script they are happy with,” Kroll answered. “No need to rush since PANTHER, INFINITY and ANT-MAN come before it.”

Marvel Studios successfully started the productions for Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther simultaneously. The studio is also preparing to promote Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The studio is facing no setbacks and is progressing as planned.

Going by their schedule, the studio has ample amount of time to choose a deserving director. Moreover, it is likely that some versions of the script submitted were rejected as well. Fortunately, Marvel can remain patient and wait for a better script because of its blockbuster line-up.

Captain Marvel  Will Appear in Russo Brothers’ MCU Movie Too

Captain Marvel will be released in 2019. The character is also slated to appear in Avengers: Infinity War sequel. The Russo Brothers accidentally revealed Captain Marvel’s appearance.

Captain Marvel will be the first female-centric superhero movie under MCU. Meg LeFauve is the screenplay writer for the movie. Her schedule is tight, as she is also directing Gigantic. The upcoming musical fantasy and comedy film is in its post-production stages and is scheduled to hit theaters on November 21, 2018.

Oscar winner Brie Larson plays a Carol Danvers also known as Captain Marvel. The plot of the movie is still unknown. But her character will be shown as an Air Force pilot.

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