‘Call Of Duty Black Ops II’ Might Be Added To Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List

‘Call Of Duty Black Ops II’ Might Be Added To Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/ggalvan1800 |

Microsoft’s Xbox One backwards compatibility program continues to grow in 2017. After the program launched in November 2015, it quickly gained a huge amount of games on its list. As of the moment, the service has accumulated over 300 games.

Senior Xbox officials said that players spent 265 million hours playing Xbox 360 games in 2016. Xbox One released several AAA games during 2016, and the company announced it will be adding more notable games on the compatibility list in 2017.

Xbox Head Phil Spencer tweeted that January will be a good month for the backwards compatibility service. The service will bring great games to gamers who were not able to play on the 360. The announcement did not confirm nor deny titles that will come out in the first quarter of 2017.

Amidst the hype, gamers hope that the list includes “Call Of Duty Black Ops 2.” Call of Duty titles dominated the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List since it first started. According to Mobilenapps, over 200,000 fans are requesting for “Black Ops 2” to be added to the list.

When will the Call of Duty title become available?

Five of the top 10 spots in the list are occupied by Call of Duty titles. The list includes Black Ops II, Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 4 and World at War. In August 2016, Microsoft added “Call of Duty 2” to the list.

There is certainly a huge demand for “Call of Duty,” titles which Microsoft will certainly not ignore. Xbox Live director Larry Hryb stated that the decision for the backwards compatibility will depend on the game’s publisher.

Hryb told gamers that they should contact the publisher if they want the game in Xbox One. According to Express UK, Hryb clarified that nothing is confirmed until he tweets about it. Hryb added that when the game is out, he’ll inform people about it.

Aside from the Call of Duty title, there are several other games queued for the list. Xbox gamers hope that the backwards compatibility list will include some highly popular titles.

The Top 10 Games Requested for the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List

The requests include the COD titles Black Ops II, Modern Warfare 1, Warfare 2 and Warfare 3. Other games include “Bioshock Infinite,” “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” and “Batman: Arkham City.”

The other three in the list include “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,” “GTA IV” and “Assassin’s Creed III.”

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