Own Bugatti Chiron in the Cheapest way Possible

Own Bugatti Chiron in the Cheapest way Possible PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Star Polo | Bugatti Chiron Star Polo / Wikimedia Commons cc

The Bugatti Chiron is a luxury car that many people can only dream to have. The luxurious car has high-end features and an expensive price tag. The expensive tag will not deter car enthusiasts from getting the luxurious car in their collection.

Bugatti Chiron’s Price

The Chiron cost around $2.7 million USD (€2.4 million) when it debuted. The US dollars and Euro exchange rate has changed since March 2016. The euro currency strengthened, which added value to the Chiron. This means that US buyers will have to shell out an additional $90,000 from the original $2.6 to $2.7 million USD price of the Bugatti.

It is a no-brainer that the Chiron is not cheap. Driving a Chiron on a busy street going to the mall or on a busy street might not be practical for most drivers. However, some car lovers just want to get their hands on a Bugatti model. This is where Lego comes in. Car enthusiasts can now own their own Bugatti Chiron in the cheapest way possible.

LEGO Bugatti Chiron

According to the Brick Fan, Lego has made it possible for everyday people to have their own Chiron. Lego launched their newest Lego Speed Champions sets before 2016 ended. The Chiron lego model have some tiny cones, which can be used for zigzag pathways.

The Lego website described the Chiron as the most powerful production street car. The site proceeded to divulge the car’s specifications and features. The lego model features a removable roof with an adjustable rear wing, which honors the design of the real car.

The Chiron is not only model which Lego have shelled out. The Lego Speed Champions also unveiled other Lego models from various luxury cars. This includes the Ford GT 75881 2016 and Ford 1966 GT40.

According to Autoblog, the Ferrarri FXX, Mercedes_AMG GT3 and Formula cars will be included in the Speed Champions sets. Most of the models include interchangeable wheel covers. The Lego models have an impressive selection of accessories.

Lego Champion Speed Set Release Date

As of the moment, Lego haven’t released the price for the newest kits. The company most probably will announce the price details before March 2017.

The Ford GT kit’s release is on March 1 and enthusiasts believe that the other models will follow suit. The kits will roll out on winter of 2017.

Car enthusiasts will enjoy the newest offering from Lego. The newest Lego car models will surely be a fancy addition to the existing Lego garage of car collectors.