Broad Haven Triangle: 40 Years Of The Mass UFO Sighting Incident

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Broad Haven Triangle: 40 Years Of The Mass UFO Sighting Incident PHOTOGRAPH: Jonas Smith | Under CC BY 2.0

One of the most famous UFO sightings in Wales took place forty years ago. A group of Pembrokeshire school children encountered an unidentified flying object in a field. The incident took place in 1977 at the Broad Haven Primary School.

Broad Haven Triangle: Mass UFO Sighting

A class of pupils at the primary school claimed that they saw a UFO near their playground. In 1977, there was a series of sightings in the same area. This particular one was known as the Dyfed Triangle.

One of the pupils who saw the object was David Davies. He was 10 during that time. He stated that in the school, children were constantly seeing flying saucers. He stated that after hearing such unbelievable stories, he decided to go to the area.

“I was a natural born skeptic so after the bell rang I decided to go to the area that the children said they had seen it,” Davies stated. According to BBC, Davies reported of seeing a “cigar-shaped” craft, silver in color. He also claimed that there was also a dome.

Davies stated that his sighting went up for a few of seconds. Furthermore, he said that the object showed up and then moved back behind a tree. The man also said that back then he did not get scared at all. There was more awe in his reaction, he said. However, Davies added that he had weird desire to run away.

While the children were talking about what they saw, the teachers did not believe their story. The headmaster of the primary school secluded each child and asked them to draw the thing they saw. Although, there were little differences, however, their drawings were almost the same.

Rosa Granville used to run the Haven Fort Hotel in Little Haven. Two months after the sighting, she stated that that she also spotted an object that looked like an “upside-down saucer.” In addition, she stated that she encountered two “faceless humanoid” creatures with pointed heads.

Broad Haven Triangle: Ministry of Defense Probe

An extremely secretive probe was launched by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) chiefs about the UFO sighting at the primary school. A 2015 novel gave out all the exposing details of a declassified MoD document. The document said that high-placed officials in the MoD conducted a covert investigation into the 1977 sightings in Wales.

According to Express UK, the novel, The Watchers, was written by Neil Spring. It documented actual events and attempted to disclose the truth about what really took place. Spring, the author, scanned documents that were sent to the National Archives 30 years after the strange incident. Spring also got information after a new witness met him and gave him information.

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