British Politician Ed Miliband Is Television’s New Flu Guy

British Politician Ed Miliband Is Television’s New Flu Guy Riots Communities and Victims Panel reception Riots Panel / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

What’s supposed to be an ordinary day at NBC News room turned a little awkward after their flu episode, unknowingly, at least it seemed, featured who could have been the British Prime Minister Ed Miliband as the generic flu guy.

The video has drawn online flak when different news agencies realized that the man photographed was actually Miliband. The NBC News apparently might have thought that Miliband’s photo was one of its stock photos. Miliband lost during the last general elections in UK to David Cameron of the opposing Conservative Party.

Ed Miliband: Stock Photos

To illustrate the increase of flu cases in the US, Miliband’s image was shown while the newsreader narrates some troubling facts. It looked as though the politician’s image was sourced from the news outfit’s stock photos.

According to Buzzfeed, Getty took the same image in 2011 during Miliband’s party conference. It wasn’t clear, however, whether NBC had accidentally used the image.

But it appeared that it’s not the first time that Miliband has been subjected to online ridicule. The second occasion was when an American news published a seemingly erroneous report claiming that Miliband had help Hillary Clinton to have sex with men and women, Time reported.

Ed Miliband: Tarnished Image

Probably the most offensive occasion when the politician has been implicated in an online humiliation was in 2014. The British politician was photographed while eating a bacon sandwich has been used as a meme. The meme has been circulated online in 2014 while he was vying for the prime ministerial position in UK.

While he obviously appeared irritated, Miliband addressed the circulating meme while on the campaign trail. As reported by the Guardian, he attempted to use the humiliating event to his advantage, but it didn’t work.

“The public’s antennae for the artificiality, the triviality, the superficiality of politics is more highly tuned than ever. And unless we stand up and say that we want to offer the public something different, more and more will simply turn off,” Miliband was quoted as saying by the Guardian.