British Man is Pregnant: Hayden Cross Shows Baby Bump

British Man is Pregnant: Hayden Cross Shows Baby Bump Pixabay

Has humanity finally defeated God by making men pregnant? The internet is currently going crazy over a British man who has reportedly been impregnated by a sperm donor he found on Facebook.

The man, identified as Hayden Cross, found a sperm donor on the internet. Although Cross was born a woman, he is now technically a man after undergoing gender reassignment operations, The Sun reported.

Found Sperm Donor on Facebook

A Gloucester native, Cross found his baby’s father on Facebook and is excited for her first conception. The 20-year-old ex-Asda worker has postponed part of the procedure to become a man so she can conceive the baby.

He said that the man, whose identity is unknown, came into his house and handed the container with the sperm. Because he could not afford to go to the clinic, he used a syringe to inject the sperm.

“It was mixed emotions. I was happy but I also knew it would be backtracking on my transition. It’s like I have given myself one thing, but taken away something else from myself in the meantime. It is a very female thing to carry a baby and it goes against everything I feel in my bod,” Cross told The Sun.


Cross said that once he delivers the baby, he would continue with the operations to complete his transition to manhood. In the second phase of the operations, his breasts and ovaries will be permanently removed.

Would this be his last attempt to conceive a child? Well, Cross remains hopeful that he might soon conceive another in the near future, so he has asked the NHS to freeze his eggs for future use.

Cross told The Sun that as a teen, he started to question his identity when he experienced confusions on his crushes. While growing up, he recalled that he started to realize that he’s different.

The first man-mother to have conceived a child is American Thomas Beatie from Arizona. He was born a woman but later underwent operations to become a man. He legally became a man in 2002 but retained ovaries and other female reproductive organs, the Daily Mail pointed out.

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