Border Guard Falls In Love With Refugee: Photos Of Noora Arkavazi And Bobi Dodevski

Border Guard Falls In Love With Refugee: Photos Of Noora Arkavazi And Bobi Dodevski Nora Dodevska Facebook

Love can be found in uncanny places, especially when one least expects it. Noora Arkavazi and Bobi Dodevski are one such couple whose love defies all odds!

Dodevski was a Macedonian border guard working on an extra shift to cover for his fellow colleague. Arkavazi was an Iraqi refugee trying to get a green signal to cross the borders to Macedonia with her family.

What started as a gesture of help slowly developed into something deeper.

Bobi Saw Something Special In Noora’s Eyes

Noora was badly hurt, suffering from high fever and falling down a couple of times while crossing the borders. Bobi wasted no time calling the Red Cross to tend to her.

But in spite of his efforts to keep his interaction with Noora as professional as possible, Bobi eventually realized it would be impossible.

“I see many, many girls – maybe [more beautiful], a little, than Noora. But I see something special in Noora’s eyes, and I say, ‘This is it. I must have Noora here to be my wife!’” Bobi told BBC.

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On the other hand, Noora, who went on to help the local Red Cross while her family awaited clearance to enter the country, found herself drawn towards Bobi.

“After that I talked with him, and I felt like something lit me,” she said. “I wanted to talk with him more.”

The two started hanging out regularly, then Noora discovered that Bobi was not like his stricter colleagues. He enjoyed playing with migrant children, much to the disapproval of his peers.

One of them even warned him that he might be losing his brains over the refugee girl, an affiliation that would not be seen in a good light.

But Bobi paid no heed to what was being said around him. He knew he was in love. So one evening in April, when Bobi and Noora were having dinner, Bobi decided to ask the big question.

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However, it would be on his 10th proposal that Noora would actually take him seriously. They were joined in holy matrimony in the north Macedonian town of Kumanovo.

Today Noora stays with Bobi in Macedonia with his three children from a previous marriage. Her family has since moved on to their destination, Germany.

Bobi and Noora are expecting their first baby together. She is four months pregnant. Noora shares photos of her blissful life on her Facebook page pretty regularly:

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