BMW M2 CS 2018 Specs: Here’s What We Know


BMW’s tiniest M design was spotted as the company started the car’s test run. The BMW M2 CS 2018 specs is reasonably fresh. The company unveiled the model a little over two years ago. Despite the recent launch, it seems like BMW is preparing for an upgrade.

The M2 had a psychedelic camouflage on the diffuser as well as around the tail lights. It appeared to conceal some graphic marks behind the semi-transparent tape. Experts claimed that the M2 will have 400 horsepower. There are no details regarding the car’s torque. It is possible that the M2 will have the same weight like the M3 and M4 which is around 406 lb-ft. The M2 sports 365 hp on an N55 engine. This feature is comparable to the BMW M4 with both vehicles geared up with BMW’s DCT transmission.

BMW M2 CS 2018 Specs: Will M2 Surpass M4’s Performance?

The M4 Competition Package can get from 0-60 mph in around 3.8 seconds, whereas the M2 does the same acceleration in 4.0 seconds flat. The interval is too close, which means that the M2 can surpass the M4. With a new and upgraded engine with increased power, the M2 can overshadow the M4 in performance.

The M2 CS will bring more than the engine transplant since it is expected to host a variety of other upgrades over the routine model. The upgrade will include a set of stronger brakes to match the more powerful straight-six model. It will also have a more aggressive design.

Some improvements inside the cabin will justify the upgrade’s design. The M2 will also shed some weight. However, the weight loss will not be as extreme as the case of M4 GTS when it slashed 176 lb over the standard coupe.

BMW will probably unveil the face-lifted M2 together with the other lesser 2 Series designs like it did with the 4 Series/ M4. The upgraded M2 model could be slated for a 2018 launch. The company has yet to divulge any details about the release date.

Experts stated that there is a possibility that the M2 will have a carbon fiber roofing system, which BMW failed to give on the M4. The M2 could probably have some lightweight seats, which will help to shed the car’s current weight. Enthusiasts are hopeful that BMW will give the M2 some carbon brakes. With the details provided, the M2 could go from being a sports car to a precision weapon due to its added power.

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