BMW Develops Flying Hoverbike: the LEGO Technic BMW R

BMW Develops Flying Hoverbike: the LEGO Technic BMW R PHOTOGRAPH: adybyamya | Under Public Domain

BMW joined forces with the Lego Technic to develop a flying motorcycle concept, the Hover Ride. The company will base the concept on a Lego modeling kit. The Lego Technic BMW R 1200 GS, a 603-piece building set, inspired the development of Hover Ride.

BMW Flying Bike: Car manufacturer meets toy maker

The design team behind BMW Motorrad and Lego Technic will jointly develop the Lego Technic Hover Ride. It is completed with innovative function with a signatory GS fly line. This will allow all fans to rebuild the BMW Motorrad to a unique concept. In addition, the concept will remove all limits allowing the imagination to fly without worrying on technical plausibility.

Basically, the Lego Technic Hover Ride will be an alternative model included in the BMW R kit, which was also inspired for a full-sized replica. The designers of the innovation used the same 603 parts in order to create a flying motorbike Lego model. The design impressed BMW that it decided to create a full-sized version of the model.

The BMW R Adventure was available as a Lego Technic replica since January 1, 2017. The 603-piece build featured some accurate and detailed pieces that included an intricate Telelever front-wheel suspension along with a Motorrad 20cylinder boxer engine. The designers reproduced the BMW R 1200 into a Lego Technic model as faithfully as possible to the original version.

The Lego BMW flying bike will be available for public viewing

BMW Motorrad approached the Lego group with the idea of collaboration. Both companies have successfully combined tradition as well as innovation in their brands and products. This provided unforgettable experiences for all generation. Moreover, this will be the first time that a car manufacturer and a toy maker worked together in order to create an innovation.

The production of the Hover Ride came as a result of the BMW Junior Company Munich’s involvement in the project. The BMW trainees used some serial-production parts of the BMW R and built a life-size model of the LEGO Technic.

Alexander Buckan, Head of BMW Motorrad Vehicle Design, stated that they believe it was a creative challenge to develop a fictitious model from the original unit. Typically, the concept integrated BMW Motorrad’s design into Lego Technic’s style. The Hover Ride had some specific design elements that BMW provided. This concept included the specific design elements like the front propellers. As of the moment, there is no confirmation whether the Hover Ride will make it into production. Nonetheless, the life-sized model will be available to the public at the Lego World event in Copenhagen.

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