Bizarre Sea Creature Caught on Camera in Herne Bay

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Bizarre Sea Creature Caught on Camera in Herne Bay PHOTOGRAPH: Ad Meskens | Under CC BY-SA 3.0

A bizarre sea creature was spotted in Herne Bay. The discovery was entirely an accident. An amateur photographer coincidentally caught the creature on camera while chronicling his travel.

Bizarre Sea Creature: In Herne Bay

After seeing the bizaare creature that he had unknowingly photographed, Michael Green, has since been asking for help online in order to decipher the photo. The graphic designer from Staverton near Davenry went on a vacation in Whitstable with his wife last summer. The photograph he took during the summer vacation showed a weird sea creature with an open mouth rising from the waves.

“I take a lot of photos with a view to putting them on my website or using them in club photo competitions,” Green said. “With that in mind, I took some photos of Herne Bay Pier,” Mirror UK quoted Green as saying. Green shared that he liked the view in his first shot that is why he took seven more photos. Green shared that he did not notice the mysterious creature in the background immediately. The only time he noticed the strange creature was when he was sorting the photos days after their vacation.

After uploading the photo on his website, Green had since been asking for people’s opinion about the creature. Many were suspicious. However, Green insisted that he did not edit the images to get attention. He actually said that he personally believed the creature could be a dolphin or a natural sea creature.

Bizarre Sea Creature: Plausible Explanation

Sharp-eyed conspiracy theorists gave a more logical explanation. After studying the photo carefully, it was revealed that the mysterious creature is nothing but a flying seagull. The weird creature in the photo was actually a seagull flying towards the pier. The body of the seagull was submerged in the water and its wings were the only parts visible when he took the photo. Green then concluded that it was an optical illusion.

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