Bixby Samsung AI Assistant for Samsung Galaxy S8 May Have a Dedicated Button


Samsung wanted to differentiate itself among the much crowded Android smartphone market by reducing its reliance with Google. The technology giant will do this by incorporating the new AI, Bixby, to the Samsung Galaxy S8. The upcoming smartphone will feature a new intelligent personal assistant similar to Apple’s Siri.

Samsung faced mass criticism as a result of exploding Galaxy Note 7 batteries last year. Despite the huge blunder, the company looks forward to its upcoming flagship. Samsung will release the Galaxy S8 in April of this year.

Looking at the current trends, Samsung will integrate its own AI assistance. The much-hyped smartphone will possibly have a fourth physical button. This button will serve as an alternative for quick activation of Bixby.

Creators of Apple’s Siri Are Behind Samsung’s Bixby

According to Tech Crunch, Samsung acquired the next-gen AI assistant platform Viv. The creators of Siri founded Viv a few months back. As a result of Siri’s technology and some added innovations, Samsung made Bixby a force to be reckoned with.

Viv CEO Dag Kittlaus explained that Viv can answer complex queries like, “Find me a flight to Dallas with a seat that Shaq could fit in.” With Viv incorporated into Bixby, the new AI will answer layered questions that other competing AIs are unable to carry out. The Korean company is all set to make Bixby as the leading AI assistant existent considering the recent facts explored.

Samsung integrated the new AI into the Galaxy S8’s camera, which will be able to process text via OCR. Most noteworthy is the AI’s ability to also seek or identify objects. A newly surfaced Galaxy S8 render suggested that the device may incorporate a fourth physical button for quickly accessing Bixby AI.

The most recent renders show some familiar features that the consumers have seen before. Consequently, the render revealed an extra button on the right side. The power or standby and volume features will have three button at the left side of the device. BGR hinted that this can be a button dedicated to accessing Samsung’s digital virtual assistant.

The camera app will have its own Bixby button through which it can power it up. At the moment Samsung is working towards adding functions and features that they believe can be beneficial to the consumers. For now, Siri will need to watch out as Bixby will soon enter the industry taking the benchmarks much higher.

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