‘Big Bang Theory’ Spinoff Plot, Characters, Release Date and Everything We Know So Far

‘Big Bang Theory’ Spinoff Plot, Characters, Release Date and Everything We Know So Far PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Kristin Don Santos | Under CC BY-SA 2.0

Warner Bros. Television and CBS remain in the early stages of developing a spinoff of The Big Bang Theory. The prequel will focus on Sheldon Cooper as a youth. Jim Parsons, who played Sheldon in the series will likely produce the prequel together with other Big Bang executives. As of the moment, there is no definite release date for the series’ spinoff.

The brains behind the original show will likewise spearhead the potential prequel. As Deadline reported, series co-creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre will serve as a producer. Big Bang’s showrunner, Steve Molaro, will join Lorre as well. Lorre’s fellow co-creator and executive producer, Bill Prady will be associated to some extent.

The Big Bang Theory spin-off will focus on a younger Sheldon

Molaro will compose the script focusing on Sheldon, the distinctive and neurotic genius, as a youth growing up in Texas. The Big Bang Theory has often referenced the character’s vibrant household and formative years in the Lone Star state. Laurie Metcalf earned an Emmy nomination this year for her recurring role as Sheldon’s mother, Mary Cooper.

Sheldon matured with Mary, so it is just logical to have the female character in the show. There are reports that the prequel will introduce new characters, particularly, Sheldon’s older brother, George, and twin sister, Missy. Meemaw (June Squibb), Sheldon’s granny, might also appear in some episodes.

Will The Big Bang Theory spinoff be a kids’ show?

Jim Parsons shed more light on the TV spinoff. He stated that it will be different from the program that made his character famous. Parsons informed Entertainment Tonight that there will be a lot of material for screenwriters to work with.

He said that the creators of Big Bang worked hard on building his character’s history and background. “I believe it will be very different than Big Bang, however in a good way,” Cooper said, hinting the spinoff might be focused on a younger audience. The production did not divulge if the prequel will be a kids’ show or not. Parsons did not hesitate on giving his advice to the actor who will act as the younger Sheldon. The actor stated that whoever will get the role should not hesitate to offer teenager Sheldon their own twist.

As of yet, The Big Bang Theory is still TV’s top comedy, a major accomplishment for a program in its 10th season. Warner Bros. and CBS are expected to begin discussions quickly about a renewal deal that is expected to take the program through another two or three seasons. A prequel spinoff would give CBS a shot at extending the valuable Big Bang franchise.

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