Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 18: Possible Return Date And Plot Kept Under Wraps

Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 18: Possible Return Date And Plot Kept Under Wraps PHOTOGRAPH: Big Bang Theory Official Facebook |

Big Bang Theory season 10 will be ending soon and fans are worried about the future of the show. Although the popularity of the series is undoubtedly very high, there is one problem. The stars of the show are thinking twice about continuing because of their talent fees.

The details of Big Bang Theory Season 10 episode 18 is heavily under wraps and fans are speculating the future. In fact, there is no title or plot that was disclosed. However, the previous episode did a lot of clues that might just be what the next episode is about.

Episode 17’s “The Comic Con Conundrum” was full of funny moments and heated arguments. Comic con is probably one of the biggest events fans of comics, films, and the like go to. So there is no doubt the lead characters of the show are determined to go there. Of course, the writers didn’t make it easy for them.

Raj Has The Spotlight for Big Bang Theory Season 10 Episode 17

Raj was recently cut off from his father and now has to be more responsible with his money. Sheldon went through his finances only to find out that he will have to make some big changes and make more responsible decisions. So Raj puts Sheldon in charge of his finances as he tries to earn extra money for a ticket to comic con.

Unfortunately, in the end he opts out of going, and this is something new for his character, as noted by Den Of Geek. Perhaps Raj will finally get the focus he deserves. He has been long ignored in the season and only had one love interest who never came back.

On the other hand, Leonard is determined to try to change Penny’s mind about going to Comic Con. He really wants to be able to enjoy the event with Sheldon. He makes the experience sound as awful as possible, but she still wants to go.

There are speculations that Penny’s story will progress in both her personal and professional life. While the Penny-Leonard wedding is what fans hope will take place, others are speculating she may progress in her career. Besides, it may be more interesting to see how she’ll distract herself from her relationship woes.

Never was there a show full of more geeky think and pop culture than the Big Bang Theory. It became a hit right from the get go and many like-minded individuals could relate to the struggles of the lead characters. Years later and it still delivers the same humor as when it first started.

Fingers are crossed and fans are hoping that this isn’t the end. There are some reports that the leads are still negotiating some terms and this is what is delaying a confirmation. Fans can watch what will happen on Big Bang Theory season 10 episode 18 on CBS on Thursdays at 8/7c.


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