Beyond ‘Fancy Meeting You Here’ Episode Plot, Spoilers and Everything We Know

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Beyond’s Fancy Meeting You Here episode will unfold the mysteries of the series. Freeform released the preview for Monday’s episode. Episode 5 will the Yellow Jacket organization works.

Warning: For the uninitiated, the following information contains spoilers

Beyond is a one-hour drama about Holden. He woke up from his comatose state 12 years ago. After waking up, he discovered new abilities, which threw him into underworld of conspiracy. Holden’s mission is to find out what occurred during his 12-year coma. He questions how can he survive with a world that changed after his coma.

According to BuddyTV, episode 4 ended with Luke and Holden getting together. Episode 5 will feature Holden bonding with Luke, as he tries to go into his normal routine. Holden went as far as agreeing to go on a double date with Luke, Jamie and Riley.

As Holden is starting to grasp the reality, the memories of his days in coma start to come back. This situation left Holden to question everything he believes. In the mean time, a mysterious character named Charlie will enter Holden’s world. Charlie was also in a coma, which has some similarities with Holden’s past.

Kevin, Holden’s childhood best friend, is haunted by guilt due to what happened to his friend. Moreover, Willa enters the picture and warns Holden with the dangers to come. Spoilers Guide revealed that episode 5 will focus on Holden’s date and what transpired during when he was in coma. All the confusing events led to Holden’s uncertainty of the reality that he is living in.

‘Beyond’ Cast members, Schedule and Available Platforms

Beyond’s cast members included Burkely Duffield who plays Holden Matthews, Romy Rosemont as Diane Matthews and Michael McGrady who plays Tom Matthews. Other cast members include Dylan Gwyn as Willa, Jeff Pierre who plays Jeff McArdle and Jonathan Whitesell as Luke Matthews.

The show was a wild success for Freeform. Due to the series’ unprecedented ratings, Freeform decided to renew the series. The network confirmed the sci-fi drama’s second season. The network was elated with the show’s high ratings. Since the renewal came after just three episodes, cast members were surprised with the decision.

Beyond ‘Fancy Meeting You Here‘ episode will air on January 23 at 9pm EST. For those who will miss the airing, fans can download the first season on multiple digital platforms. It will be available via the Freeform’s website, Freeform app, Hulu and On Demand.

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