Beyonce In Coachella 2017 Facts: Why You Should Be Buzzed If You Are Not Already

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Beyonce In Coachella 2017 Facts: Why You Should Be Buzzed If You Are Not Already Beyonce Instagram

Beyonce in the Coachella 2017 lineup has people screaming and jumping up and down.

On Tuesday, one of the most popular music festivals released its 2017 lineup. Fans are happy to see that it includes Radiohead and Kendrick Lamar, but positively hyperventilated when they saw Beyonce included!

Here are four reasons why Beyonce in Coachella is truly epic, and why you should get that ticket already:

For the last ten years, Beyonce is the first woman to headline Coachella.

Since the festival started in 1999, only two women headlined: Bjork (for both 2002 and 2007, as if there was a shortage of female performers then!) and Portishead. But the latter is an English rock band whose lead singer is a woman. They headlined in 2008.

Beyonce will be the first solo female artist to headline in the last decade. This is epic.

For the first time ever, a black woman will headline Coachella.

Being the first female solo artist to headline in the last decade is already epic, but more importantly, Beyonce will be the first black woman to do so ever! The singer made surprise appearances at Coachella back 2010 and 2014, but has never headlined or performed.

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Beyonce is unabashedly feminist.

Bey’s inclusion in the lineup makes a strong statement because she is an artist who never faltered in her feminist stance.

Case in point, Bustle reported that she released the most feminist compilation of music and visuals in 2016. As Los Angeles Times noted, Coachella increasingly became an event that “helps set agendas, not only in music, but also in media, branding, and style.”

She is Beyonce, after all.

All shows including Beyonce can make waves. Her songs, her albums, and even her personal life, never failed to make the headlines. Last year’s Super Bowl, where she pays tribute to Black Lives Matter, is an example. People now wonder what Queen B will pull off in Coachella 2017.

Queen Bey, Kendrick Lamar and Radiohead will lead the two weekends of the festival, which will run April 14 to 16 and April 21 to 23 in Indio, California.

Below is the lineup released:

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