Ben Affleck Talks ‘Justice League,’ ‘The Batman,’ Discusses Crazy 2016 Events

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Ben Affleck Talks ‘Justice League,’ ‘The Batman,’ Discusses Crazy 2016 Events Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has been busy with the promotion of his recent movie “Live By Night.” The actor has been traveling to several states as part of his press junket. However, the world seems to be more interested about his progress with DCEU as an actor, director and writer.

During Ben Affleck’s interview with IGN for Live By Night, the actor was appreciated by Editor Jim Vejvoda for his “amazing powers of concentration and compartmentalization.” The interviewer was astonished since Ben Affleck dealt with big Hollywood titles such as “Batman v Superman,” “The Accountant,” “Justice League,” and others.

Affleck responded to appraisal with a big sigh and hilariously stated, “Your telling me, brother.”

Ben Affleck Discusses List of 2016 Hollywood Movies

After toning down the intense conversation with some laughter, Ben Affleck said, “It was a very busy year.” He added, “We did the BvS press, went right into Justice League,” then he spoke about schedule that kept him on his toes in 2016.

Affleck concluded his answer by saying, “It’s been a busy easier, but it’s very satisfying. I’m proud of all the movie. I look forward to people seeing Justice League in November. There’s a cool teaser online for it already, but it’s a lot of work.”

Jim Vejvoda also questioned Ben Affleck with his progress on “The Batman.” Earlier, during an interview, the actor said he could drop his title as director if it doesn’t come together as he wants it to be.

The Batman Script Has “Great Stuff In It Now”

Fortunately, it looks like Ben Affleck won’t be considering the exit as of now. The actor-director said, “There’s great stuff in it now [The Batman script], it just needs to get better and better.”

During an interview with Fox 5 DC, The Oscar winner gave his vote of assurance for directing the Batman film to the interviewer. Fans can check it out below (3:45).

“The Batman” will be a reboot DC movie starring Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Dark Knight. It will be the first reboot since Christian Bale played the character in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy.

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