Ben Affleck Responds To Fan-Edit Sad Interview Moment With Henry Cavill For Batman v Superman

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Ben Affleck Responds To Fan-Edit Sad Interview Moment With Henry Cavill For Batman v Superman Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has a busy schedule lately due to his press junket for Live By Night. The Oscar winner was not able to get a break, as fans and the media continue to pressure him to reveal production details on The Batman. But recently, he addressed another issue about his first DC Extended Universe movie in 2016.

Affleck made his debut as the Dark Knight in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. While the movie relatively failed to impress, it still managed to make noise. However, there were some who believed that Affleck himself was not happy playing the superhero role.

The rumor began after a press junket interview for Batman v Superman was edited to look hilarious, aiming to mock Affleck. The footage shows Henry Cavill and the Oscar winner talking about the DCEU movie. However, as Cavill continues to talk about the film, the fan-edited footage zooms in on Affleck.

Ben Affleck Talks About “Sad Affleck” Video 

The video portrays the Oscar winner going through a rough moment due to heavy criticism. Moreover, the Simon GarFunkel: The Sound of Silence track was also played in the background. The footage along with the song went viral in 2016.

Finally, Affleck has responded to the “Sad Affleck” fan-edited video. During a recent interview with BBC Radio 1 for Live By Night, the actor responded to the video. “It taught me not to do interviews with Henry Cavill where I don’t say anything and they get Simon Garfunkel track over it,” he said.

Oscar Winner Has The Real Batarang From Movie

Affleck also revealed in the interview that fans have been positive about his casting as The Batman unlike what critics are saying. He also said that the studio provided him with a replica of the Bat suit along with the real Batarang used in the movie. The actor added that he learned a lot of things in filming the movie.

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