Ben Affleck Responds To The Batman Clickbait News, Assures Fans With Hope

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Ben Affleck Responds To The Batman Clickbait News, Assures Fans With Hope Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck seems to be fed up with questions about The Batman. The actor has lately been questioned a lot about his role as director for the standalone movie during his press junket for Live By Night. Finally, he gave fans an assuring response.

Entertainment Tonight approached Ben Affleck during his appearance at Golden Globes. The actor might have looked forward to answering queries about “Live By Night.” But instead, he was once again asked to comment on DCEU’s The Batman.

Ben Affleck said, “Oh, my God. It’s such a pain in the ass. It’s like every time I mention Batman, it gets this huge, you know, click bait. When I was doing this movie, it took me two years to get it together, but nobody asked me, ‘Where’s Live By Night?’ They ask me is ‘Batman. Batman. Batman’ Batman’s coming along.”

Ben Affleck Shares Details On The Batman And Justice League

Earlier this month, the two-time Oscar winner’s reply defending Meryl Streep went viral. However, fans seem to have missed his response on The Batman.

Fortunately, the actor’s response has only generated positive feedback from fans on Twitter. Users have been appreciating Ben Affleck, suggesting the actor cum director progress with the standalone film as he desires. Fans can check out the tweet embedded with the video below.

The Batman was officially slated to release in 2018. Earlier, it was also revealed that plans for Justice League 2 was pushed back to make way for the standalone film. Currently, its production schedule remains unknown, as Ben Affleck is still working on the script.

Actor Assures Fans Zack Snyder’s Movie Is “More Fun”

Last Friday, Ben Affleck was also questioned about Justice League during his press junket for “Live By Night” with Cineplex Magazine. The actor said, “It’s a little bit lighter, the characters are a little bit more comfortable in themselves, so they can express a wider array of emotions. And there are just more people in it, so it’s more fun. It’s all of these different characters bumping up against each other and the team dynamic offers a lot of dramatic possibility.”

Ben Affleck was more than just a cast member in Justice League. The Oscar winner was the executive producer for the movie and has also been part of re-writes of the script.

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