Beau Biden’s Widow, Hunter Biden In A Relationship

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Beau Biden’s brother has found love with his widow and it is making headlines for obvious reasons. The unfortunate event of Beau’s death was devastating for the Bidens. However, former Vice President Joe Biden still support the new relationship that his son and his daughter-in-law now have.

Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden, the Unlikely Pair

In a statement to the New York Post, Hunter confirmed his relationship with Hallie. He stated that they were incredibly lucky to have found love and support for each other during difficult times. Their friends and family are with them every step of the way. The blessing from the former vice president sealed the deal. He had also confirmed to Page Six that indeed he had given him the green signal.

Hunter was married to Kathleen Biden and they had three daughters together. His ex-wife had accused him of infidelity and dropping thousands of dollars on drugs and prostitutes. They divorced due to irreconcilable differences.They were separated for sometime and are in the process of finalizing their divorce when the news about the new relationship broke out.

Beau and Hallie Biden

Beau and Hallie Biden had two children together. He was first diagnosed in August 2013 but managed to return to normal duties after treatment. He got surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation before returning in November. Unfortunately, his cancer recurred in Spring 2015 and had to receive treatment again.

His sudden death was a difficult period for the family. The former vice president even abstained from running for president in 2016 because of it. It was a traumatic experience that the family had to experience twice.

Joe Biden told ABC News last year that Beau was his soul and he just wasn’t ready to be able to run for president. His one regret was that Beau was no longer present and nothing else. He also noted that no one should seek the presidency unless they devote their whole heart, soul, and passion into the position.

Source: Page Six

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