BBC Interview: Robert Kelly Wife, Children, Grandmom And Facts About the Family

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Robert Kelly, a Pusan National University professor of political science, had an interview on live TV when his children suddenly exploited the unlocked door of his home office. Kelly’s BBC interview focused on the serious topic about the impeachment of South Korean president Park Geun-Hye. The interview took a funny turn after his children burst into the room followed by his wife, Jung-a Kim, who saved the day. Read on and know more about the family, specially the kids – Marion and James.

A BBC interview with Robert Kelly took a hilarious turn

Kelly is a simple man who traveled the world. He started living in South Korea in 2008. He has a Korean wife,Jung a-Kim who teaches yoga. In his blog, Kelly described his father as an excellent historian and his mother is a high school English teacher. Many people praised his interview that went viral for being able to show the other side of parents working from home.

As the political science professor answered questions from a BBC anchor, a toddler entered the room followed by a baby in a walker. Soon after the entrance of the two kids, Kelly’s wife entered and tried to pull the children out of the room. The first child who walked in was four-years-old Marion while the second one is James, who is nine-months-old.

Many people assumed that the woman was a nanny. Social media users criticized the video because the ‘nanny’ looked terrified for her job. Many respectable news outlets immediately jumped on the bandwagon and referred to the woman as a ‘frenzied’ or horrified nanny. However, the woman, Jung-a Kim, is the Korean wife of Professor Kelly. The reason why many people thought that Jung-a Kim was a nanny can be attributed to stereotypes. Instead of a horrified-looking nanny, Jung-a Kim is a mother who seemed to be embarrassed with her children’s sudden intrusion to her husband’s important interview.

Professor Robert Kelly’s family found the incident ‘hilarious’

The family of the professor thought that the gaffe was funny. Kelly’s mother, Ellen Kelly, found the kids’ intrusion hilarious but thinks that she might have been partly responsible. According to Ellen, his son would often contact them through Skype. Marion and James would join the Skype conversation with their grandparents from their home in South Korea.

Ellen stated that the kids probably heard the voices coming from the room and assumed that it was their grandparents. She said, “Robert usually Skypes with us from his home office, which is where he did the interview. The kids probably heard voices coming from the computer and assumed it was us. It was just hilarious,” she told the Daily Mail.

Ellen’s sister called her after the interview went live and they spoke to Kelly. She shared that her son seemed to be disturbed or probably ‘just embarrassed’ on the incident. Additionally, the 72-year-old said that she hope the interview will highlight and help gain recognition for her son’s expertise in South Korean politics. Ellen is proud of her son but stated that the lesson of the story is to lock the door.

Professor Robert Kelly expressed concern if he will become viral

Source: The Daily Mail, The Chicago Tribune

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