BBC Interview Kid Marion Kelly ‘Cast in Batman Movie,’ New Overlord of Earth And More Funny Tweets

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The infamous BBC Dad, Robert Kelly, and his family have charmed the public once again. Kelly, the college professor whose children crashed a live BBC interview stated that he is delighted that his family blooper brought joy to many people. If there was a BBC Dad, the internet also coined the BBC interview kid Marion. During their press conference after going viral, his children, particularly four-year-old Marion, stole the spotlight and became a social media sensation more than before.

BBC interview kid Marion steals the spotlight from her ‘BBC dad and mom’

However, their fifteen minutes of fame continued after the press conference. When the siblings appeared with their parents, the two stole the attention of the world. Marion took most of the attention with her tiny trench coat while wearing her pink glasses. To add more to the sass of the young lady, she was sucking a lollipop throughout the interview. At one point, the child did not hide her boredom as she rested her head on the table while adorably sucking her lollipop which she tried to share with his brother.

As a result, Marion stirred the internet sphere once again. A lot of memes online started online to honor Marion’s antics. Social media users began tweeting photos of Marion’s meme-worthy demeanor during the press conference. Tessa Wong tweeted that the way Marion chomped the lollipop like a cigar is the embodiment of thug life. R. Eric Thomas also chimed in and tweeted, “BBC interview kid has just been cast as Commissioner Gordon in the new Batman movie.” For the uninitiated, fans knew Gordon in Batman as a stern and moral officer. Elena Cresci also tweeted that Marion should be the next Doctor Who.

Another Twitter user, Adam Johnson, made a hilarious tweet by stating that the citizens of Earth must bow to the new overlord. Marion’s sass also showed that she can be a president. According to Twitter user David Llewellyn, if Marion does not become the president of Earth by the time he is 80, he will be bitterly disappointed.

Marion’s antics during the press conference garnered a whole new attention to their family

The memes continue to flow as other social media users detailed how to get the same fashion sense of Marion. Some people even shared ‘a starter pack’ on how to be at par with Marion’s fashion sense. Moreover, people took Marion’s bored face and made a meme out of it. A snap of Marion’s boredom was accompanied with a caption, “tfw ur a goddamn star and u know it.”

Kelly is a political science professor at the Pusan National University in South Korea. He and his family became an internet sensation when Marion and eight-month-old son James interrupted a BBC webcam interview. The interview was about the impeachment of South Korean President Park Geun-h. Kelly tried to keep a straight face when his wife, Kim Jung-A, slid into the room and took the children out.

Initially, his family thought it was a disaster. Kelly thought that the BBC and other news organizations would shun him due to the gaffe. The BBC Dad stated, “My real life punched through the fake cover I had created on television. This is the kind of thing a lot of working parents can relate to.”

Funny tweets on Marion’s antics during the press conference:


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