The Batman Update: Ben Affleck’s Script Rewritten by Batman v Superman Writer

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The Batman Update: Ben Affleck’s Script Rewritten by Batman v Superman Writer PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr / Gage Skidmore | Under CC BY-SA 2.0

Ben Affleck’s exit as the director for The Batman left a few questions unanswered. The Oscar winner is currently the main star and producer of the movie. However, before his exit, he was also in charge of writing the script for the standalone movie. Fans are currently puzzled whether his version was completed and submitted to Warner Bros.

The official statement from Affleck about his exit suggested that he had too much on his plate. Batman News also pointed out that the Oscar winner revealed his roadblock in completing the script in various interviews. Fortunately, a new writer was selected to save The Batman.

Recently, Deadline also wrote a report about Affleck’s decision to give up his directorial role. Aside from the official statement from Affleck, new informations about the movie were also revealed. Chris Terrio was reportedly picked to rewrite the script for The Batman.

Chris Terrio Received an Oscar Working in Ben Affleck’s Movie

Terrio was also the screenplay writer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Furthermore, he also performed the same task for Zack Snyder’s Justice League that will also come out this year. Justice League is already in its post-production stages, which gave Terrio the opportunity to work on The Batman.

It is likely that Affleck brought in Terrio, as there is a familiarity factor, having worked together before in Argo. Terrio also won an Oscar for writing the movie. Furthermore, the screenwriter also has a strong working relationship with DC Extended Universe’s Zack Snyder and Warner Bros.

The script is said to be the reason why production for The Batman has not started yet. If the rewritten script is accepted by Geoff Johns and Warner Bros, it is likely that the filming of The Batman will begin soon. Depending on the decision about the script, production may start this Spring.

The Batman Set to Hit Theaters in 2018

Geoff Johns, the COO of DC Comics, was also placed in charge of DCEU. The comic book writer played a vital role in all DC movies since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He wrote scripts and stories for various upcoming movies like Aquaman and Wonder Woman. He also had a say on picking the directors for the said movies.

The Batman is scheduled to be released in 2018. Joe Manganiello will play the main villain Slade Wilson, also known as Deathstroke. Jeremy Irons will reprise his role as Alfred Pennyworth, while J.K. Simmons is expected to play as Commissioner Gordon in the reboot standalone movie. The 62-year-old actor will also appear in Justice League.