The Batman Movie Update: Filming And Script Rewrite Details Revealed

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The Batman Movie Update: Filming And Script Rewrite Details Revealed DC Films, Facebook

Fans have lately been giving Ben Affleck a hard time with The Batman. Since the Oscar winner made a comment that he could drop his title as the director for the standalone movie, the internet has been chaotic in discussing and predicting DCEU’s movie with the movie.

Fortunately, a DCEU insider has stepped up to calm down the situation. The journalist revealed details on the filming of The Batman and gave a scoop on the reason for its production delay.

Forbes Contributor Mark Hughes tweeted that the DC movie is planning on beginning its “filming in spring”. Moreover, he revealed that the “script is still being tweaked w/final rewrites.”

The Batman Script Is Going Through Rewrites

The journalist ended his tweet by saying “everyone can stop asking Affleck a/b it.” Check out the tweet below.

Recently, a source also revealed that The Batman could film in Los Angeles. It has been suggested that the location will be used to portray Gotham City for the film.

Ben Affleck was officially revealed to be the director for The Batman. The actor also appeared during SDCC and accepted his role as the director during Warner Bros. panel.

Ben Affleck Is Still The Director For His Standalone DC Movie

While cast members like Joe Manganiello and Jeremy Irons have revealed that the movie would begin filming soon, Ben Affleck has remained secretly about his direction plans. Currently, fans are excited about the upcoming release of “Justice League.”

The Batman will be playing a primary role in recruiting the team members and fighting against Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons. The Batman is slated to release in 2018. Recently, movies like Justice League 2 and Aquaman were pushed back to make way for Ben Affleck’s standalone movie.

The plot of The Batman hasn’t been revealed yet, but the studio has already cast Deathstroke as a villain for the movie. Moreover, it was also teased that the mercenary could appear as a cameo in Justice League.