‘The Batman’ Movie Production Allegedly Delayed, Details

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‘The Batman’ Movie Production Allegedly Delayed, Details DC Films, Facebook

A rumor about the upcoming Batman film has left DC fans shattered. It is claimed that Ben Affleck’s standalone movie has been delayed from production. Here’s everything we know.

Earlier, The Batman cast Joe Manganiello revealed that he will begin filming for the movie in spring 2017. Furthermore, it was assured that the DC movie is progressing well with its plans.

Unfortunately, a report on Batman On Film shared new details on DCEU’s The Batman. The website said that Ben Affleck’s standalone movie has been “pushed back,” and that it would take “A couple of months.”

The Batman Release Date Could Be Affected By Delay

The source claims that the DC movie won’t begin production in spring. Moreover, it is suggested that “BATMAN won’t start filming until mid-summer at the earlier.”

The report has increased concerns among fans on the release date of “The Batman.” Speculations have begun to suggest that the standalone film could be delayed.

In earlier interviews, Ben Affleck revealed that scripting for “The Batman” is still under way. Moreover, the Oscar winner left fans concerned when he said, “If it doesn’t come together in a way I think is really great I’m not going to do it.”

A report from last December shared details that “The Batman” was top priority at Warner Bros. The report announced that “Justice League 2” was pushed back to make way for Ben Affleck’s standalone title.

Ben Affleck Movie Could Begin Production In Mid-Summer

So far, there have been no official reports confirming the delay of “The Batman.” Warner Bros. has remained silent and hasn’t made any announcements yet.

“The Batman” is currently the second DCEU movie to have been alleged with rumors of delay in production. Earlier, “The Flash” also fell victim due to the exit of Rick Famuyiwa as the speedster movie’s director.

The Batman movie has been slated by Warner Bros. to release in 2018. It is likely that the movie could be delayed depending on the production schedule.

Earlier, James Wan’s “Aquaman” was also pushed back from its previously announced 2018 release date. It was revealed that the Atlantian movie would release on October 5, 2018.

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