Barack Obama has a Job Offer From Spotify

Barack Obama has a Job Offer From Spotify Barack Obama from Marc Nozell/FLICKR with CC by 2.0

Soon to be ex-President Barack Obama often joked about how he will have nothing to do once he hands over the reins of the Presidential office to his successor, Donald Trump. Spotify has found ways to keep Obama busy even in his retirement.

It is no secret that Obama has been the tech savviest President of the United States. He is known for his child-like excitement at every new app that launches as well as his millennial-like choice in music.

Spotify’s Answer To Obama’s Wish

Obama reportedly told former Swedish ambassador Mark Brzezinski at the White House, “I’m still waiting for my job at Spotify. Cuz’ I know y’all loved my playlist,” reported Billboard. Little did he know that Spotify was secretly planning to make his dream come true!

On Monday, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek sent out a tweet to Obama, drawing his attention to a very special job posting on their website. “I heard you were interested in a role at Spotify. Have you seen this one?” he wrote, before placing the link to a job application form.

To everyone’s surprise, including the current POTUS’, the link actually leads to a job opening announcement. The page is created for a job position called “President of Playlists” and is disguised as an open-to-all invite.

But a quick read through the section called “Who you are,” one automatically discovers that the job was tailor-made for Obama, no one else. The very first qualification requirement reads, “Have at least eight years experience running a highly-regarded nation.”

Job Qualifications Fitting Obama’s Legacy

It goes on to capitalize on the controversies and achievements of President Obama. Being the curator of Spotify’s playlist, Obama will be able to include any music he prefers. That includes the fictional party song, “I just found my birth certificate” (a dig at Trump doubting Obama’s origin).

Apart from that, the candidate has to be an excellent orator, is capable of teamwork and facing public criticism, all of which might seem generic. But the list wraps up with the candidate requiring a Nobel Peace Prize, which Obama has won in the past. Oh, and not to forget, citing Kendrick Lamar as a performer at one’s birthday party would be a plus!

Even the job description slips in subtle references to Obama’s legacy. It says that the candidate needs to design a “warm up playlist for addressing the nation about health care legislation that bears your name” (ObamaCare, anyone?).

But if you are wondering if the job offer extends to the President-Elect, it does not. The footnote, which says, “We are proud to foster a workplace free from discrimination,” makes it apparent.

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