Baby Jesus Stolen, Mary And Joseph Get A Warning

Baby Jesus Stolen, Mary And Joseph Get A Warning Myriams-Fotos / 978 images Pixabay

A woman has stolen a model of baby Jesus from the nativity scene in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. According to her the baby was “neglected” by his parents and needed to be taken care of.

Christmas can be a stressful time for many people and it’s good to exercise one’s sense of humor from time to time. But one woman has taken a joke too far and now faces criminal charges.

Jacqueline Ross, 49, was caught by the surveillance camera stealing a baby Jesus from the nativity displays in Payrow Plaza, Pennsylvania. She then proceeded to drop off the model at a nearby hospital.

Thief Stole Baby Jesus As A Joke?

The figuring was accompanied with a note that said that it had been neglected by his parents “Joseph and Mary Christ”. After she was caught by the police, she explained that she meant it as a joke.

Needless to say, the policemen did not find it funny. The woman was charged with vandalism and theft.

The baby Jesus was made up of porcelain and cost $2,700, reports FOX News. The message in the note that was left by Ross along with the baby model read: “Child has broken right foot which is been (sic) neglected. Parents Joseph and Mary Christ got a warning.”

It has not been determined whether this bizarre act was influenced by her religious faith or had anything to do with the whole “War On Christmas” movement going on right now. Ross has not appointed any lawyer to represent her case yet.

‘Operation Blue Santa’

A surge in violence, primarily domestic violence is commonly seen this close to Christmas.

The Taranaki Police Department is determined to spread some much needed happiness and lower Christmas-related crimes. It is a mission they are calling “Operation Blue Santa”.

Their mission involves distributing 45 food and present parcels among “high needs” families. The time of the Holiday can be quite stressful for these households.

Police Family Violence Prevention Coordinator Detective Sergeant Dave Beattie told Stuff: “The feedback I’m getting is huge. The staff are loving being a part of this project – you walk away feeling like a million bucks.”