Babies Are Terrorists’ New Weapon for Suicide Bombing

Babies Are Terrorists’ New Weapon for Suicide Bombing PHOTOGRAPH: United States Army Alaska/Wikimedia Commons |

Terrorists were using infants as their new weapon. Nigerian officials have warned that women carrying infants, were responsible for suicide bombing in Madagali on January 13. In fact, the women killed two babies, four others and themselves.

The women were allowed to go through a security checkpoint. Moreover, they were erroneously believed to be civilians. It was believed that the women belonged to the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram. Terrorists using infants could simply lay down a sickening trend, being carried out in order to avoid detection before attacks.

Reports stated that Boko Haram is considered to be the world’s deadliest terror group by the Institute for Economics and Peace. The group is quite infamous for using children and young girls. In addition, these children were used as suicide bombers and slaves after kidnapping them.

Woman Suspect Spotted Carrying a Baby Before Suicide Bombing

According to FOX News, the woman carrying a baby, and two girls, were strapped with explosives. They ambushed a crowded market in the town of Madagali 11 days ago. Alhaji Yusuf Mohammed, the chairman of Madagali local government, said the incident killed six people and injured 17.

However, Nigerian army spokesman Rabe Abubakar was unable to confirm if a baby was used in the attack. The spokesman said that the woman might have just been veiled to to look like she was carrying an infant, but UNICEF expressed concern about the reports.  “We are extremely worried about the use of a baby in this callous way,” Doune Porter, UNICEF spokeswoman said.

Before the Madagali bombings, the U.N. stated that the youngest child used in an attack was a nine-year-old girl. Reuters reported that the Madagali attack is the part of several bombings in Nigeria northeast, chiefly Borno state. Presently, Boko Haram had stepped up attacks with the end of the rainy season, thus having movements in the bush.

Not an Accident

The Nigerian military attack on a refugee camp resulted to deaths of more than two hundred and thirty people. Nigerian air force has apologized for the incident and had called it an accident. However, new accounts from witnesses and satellite photos give a picture of the horrific incident.

In contrast to the claim of accident, the Nigerian warplane circled twice and dropped two bombs in the middle of the town of Rann, Nigeria, said a witness. The Globe and The Mail reported that almost 40,000 refugees had taken shelter in that place. These refugees were escaping the clutches of Boko Haram.

The attack took lives of mostly women and children. Other than refugees, there were nine humanitarian workers who were also killed. Almost a dozen of them were injured.

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