‘Awesome Games Done Quick’ Breaks Records, Raises $2 Million by Speedrunning Games

‘Awesome Games Done Quick’ Breaks Records, Raises $2 Million by Speedrunning Games Videogame Photography – Dark Souls III, CC BY 2.0

The final moments of this year’s Awesome Games Done Quick met astounding success after the charity marathon raised $2.2 million. The event, which began last week, aimed to showcase the best speedrunners in the gaming community. Titles such as “Super Mario Kart,” “Devil May Cry,” and “Dark Souls III” were speedran to raise money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Awesome Games Done Quick Raises $2 Million

Players all over the community gathered to prove they can finish these games in the fastest time possible. The event ended with TGH finishing the critically acclaimed “Undertale” in less than an hour and a half. He still holds the same record for the fastest run of the game.

According to the event tracker, the donation total amounted to $2,217,833.30. What’s more interesting is how the numbers increased in just a short amount of time. The Games Done Quick Twitter account announced yesterday that the event surpassed the million-dollar mark. Incredibly, the amount quickly doubled during the last moments of the speedruns, as pointed out by Kotaku.

It is worth noting that last year, the event brought in $1.2 million. The number was still impressive, given how much it would help charity foundations. This year, it was clear that gamers were able to step up and give for a cause.

The weeklong charity marathon witnessed more than 175 amazing speedruns. If you missed the event, you can catch up by heading over to the YouTube page of Awesome Games Done Quick 2017. More videos are expected to be uploaded soon.

Awesome Games Done Quick ‘Dark Souls III” Run

Arguably the most memorable speedrun of AGDQ 2017 is that of BubblesDelFuego. The expert gamer attempted to finish the mega-ultra-difficult “Dark Souls III” in as little time as possible. Bubbles had a hard time, however, when attempting to exploit the game led him to lose precious momentum.

Going further into the game, Bubbles appeared to have run into a glitch. Good thing the tech crew was able to reload a saved game file for Bubbles, who then finished the game in less than an hour. The current record is at around 35 minutes.

After AGDQ 2017, the next event, Summer Games Done Quick 2017, aims to raise money for Doctors Without Borders. It is set to happen on July 2 to 9 in Minneapolis. Polygon pointed out that last year, Summer Games raised $1.3 million, which is expected to be broken this year.

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