Austria Needs a Part-time Hermit

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Austria Needs a Part-time Hermit Hermitage-rear Dmadeo/Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0

In the town of Saalfelden, in Austria, a hermitage was reported to be looking for someone to live there. The hermitage was built more than 350 years ago. It is located in the steep and rocky cliffs.

Austria: Country Needs Part-time Hermit

According to the job description, the applicants must have a private income or a second job. The parish website said that the position is unpaid. It was also reported that the hermitage lacked a heating setup and running water. Thus, one could only stay there between April and November.

The local cleric Alois Moser said that they have been searching for a self-sustained person who was at peace with himself. He must be willing to talk to people without being overly imposing.

According to The Local, the successful candidate must have a Christian outlook. The person must be ready to welcome visiting pilgrims and locals because there are several people visiting the hermitage from time to time. They often visit to pray and to talk about their personal problems.

The cleric and mayor of Saalfelden Erich Rohrmoser will be selecting the new hermit. In addition, the successful candidate would be chosen more on the grounds of personality than training and professional experience. They will accept applications until March 15th, 2017.

Interested applicants must send in their CVs. The applicants should also send along a letter which would speak of their reason to want the position. The application must have an up-to-date photo too. The application must be addressed to Pfarramt Saalfelden, zH. Herrn Dechant Alois Moser, Lofererstraße 11, 5760 Saalfelden.

Austria: Job Description For Hermit

“There is no classic job description for a hermit,” the parish wrote on its website. By definition, a hermit is someone who is living in solitude as a religious discipline. However, that is not the case with the hermitage in Saalfelden.

Telegraph UK reported that the hermitage has been vacant since a Viennese pastor and psychotherapist left. The pastor left last autumn to return to his regular life. A Benedictine monk was also living there for more than a decade, before the Viennese pastor.

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