Aussie Mom Gives Birth to 13-Pound Baby Naturally

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Aussie Mom Gives Birth to 13-Pound Baby Naturally PHOTOGRAPH: Pixabay/brusalvate | Under Public Domain

Natasha Corrigan, an Aussie mom, gave birth to a 13-pound baby on Tuesday. She gave birth at the Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidelberg in Victoria, Australia. Her baby now holds the record for the largest baby delivered naturally in their town.

Aussie Mom always wanted a chubby baby

Corrigan always wanted a big and chubby baby. However, she never knew that she would have to push a 13-pound infant. Her baby, Brian Liddle Jnr, arrived at 9:44am on January 24. He instantly became the heaviest baby born at the hospital and the biggest born in the state.

The baby weighed 13.2 pounds to be exact and 57 centimeters long. The child weighs two times the average birth weight and the same as an average five-month-old boy. “I never, ever thought he’d be that big,” Corrigan said.”I expected he’d be 11 [pounds] max. It feels surreal.” She said that the situation got dangerous, as the child’s shoulder got stuck, reported The Age.

She was initially nervous even if she already had three children delivered before. Her other children were induced, thus giving birth naturally was an all new experience for her. Thankfully, her partner Brian Liddle and sister Kurriki Ellis were there during the seven-hour birth.

The baby did not fit into the newborn nappies, nor did he fit into the clothes brought by his parents. “I’ve always wanted a big, chubby baby and now I’ve gotten what I want.”

Who holds the record for heaviest baby in the world?

In May 2016, an Indian mother gave birth to a baby girl weighing 14.9 pounds. The baby girl outweighed a baby born in Perth, Australia who only weighed just under 13 pounds.

However, the 19-year-old Indian mother delivered the newborn, after doctor performed a Cesarean surgery. The baby girl was known only as Nandini. According to a separate report from  The Age, doctors considered that Nandini’s weight is above the current record holder – Carisa Rusack. She was born weighing 14.3 pounds in Massachusetts in 2014.

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