Asian Countries Banned Valentine’s Day Celebration

Asian Countries Banned Valentine’s Day Celebration PHOTOGRAPH: Sasint/Pixabay | Under Public Domain

Pakistan banned its people from celebrating Valentine’s Day 2017. Protests against the celebration of Valentine’s Day also took place in Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan. On the other hand, Singaporeans were warned against Valentine’s Day love scams.

Valentine’s Day Is Unethical

According to CNN, the Islamabad High Court issued the ban on Monday. Authorities specifically ruled for the ban to take immediate effect across the country. The prohibition included both electronic and print adverts that in any way are deemed to be celebrating the day. Furthermore, establishments were also forbidden to sell products and hold activities that in any way related to Valentine’s Day. The decision was made following a person’s petition saying that Valentine’s Day disrespects all the teachings of Islam.

CNN noted that this was not the first time that Valentine’s Day was banned in the country. The report noted that the country believes celebrating Valentine’s Day is unethical. The day is “not a part of Muslim tradition, but of the West,” CNN quoted President Mamnoon Hussain as saying in 2016.

Many Asians Rally Against Valentine’s Day

Meanwhile, Pakistan is not the only country who reacted strongly against celebrating the day. For a group of Japanese protesters “Smooching is terrorism.” According to a report from Daily Mail, another group of Japanese protesters called for the prohibition of public display of affections. The group identified itself as the Revolutionary Alliance of Men that Women Find Unattractive.

In Indonesia, students lead a protest saying Valentine’s Day is just a way for Western countries to promote its practice of casual sex. The students called for other women to skip using passionate emoticons and avoid spraying strong perfumes all throughout the day. The protesters identified themselves as The National Muslim Youth Association. It was a different story in Singapore. Authorities warned lonely people from participating in online dating scams that take advantage of those who are vulnerable on Valentine’s Day.

History of Valentine’s Day Celebration

Valentine’s Day took a bizarre turn for all the Asian countries mentioned above. However, the history of the celebration was not actually very far from being out of ordinary. According to History, Valentine’s Day was actually a celebration of three priests who were killed in the past. The priests were believed to have been killed on February 14.

A Roman priest was said to have been killed because of defying a law that banned young Roman men from marrying. Another priest was believed to have fallen in love with a jailer’s daughter. The third priest was believed to have been executed because he does not want to renounce his religion.

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