Artificial Intelligence Robots That Can Either Be A Friend Or Personal Assistant

Artificial Intelligence Robots That Can Either Be A Friend Or Personal Assistant PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Global Panorama | Under CC BY-SA 2.0

With the current advent of technology, human beings are forming a bond with robots. However, some people are wary of the threats that artificial intelligence poses due to the tropes presented by Hollywood. Still, it is undeniable that there are robots that are truly adorable but does not need a high maintenance level to sustain itself.

Here are three robots enabled with artificial intelligence:


WowWee designed a hyperactive, remote-controlled pet dog. Chip costs $199 which is a great toy for children and great leisure even for adults. Chip is packed with sensors that help the robot dog identify its surroundings. Its head alone has carefully hidden infrared sensors, giving it a 360-degree view. The sensors help it to find its special ball and charging bed. Chip has a Bluetooth that connects it with a Smart Band. Owners will wear a band that will send the robot dogs ‘likes’.The band also helps the dog to keep track of its owner.

Chip can sit, shake, dance and squat down. It can also make all kinds of dog sounds. Aside from its appearance, it is seemingly alive. Chip is a big-headed puppy. However, it does not have a paw. The robot dog rolls around at high speed on a set of Meccanum wheels. The benefit of the unusual mobility system helps Chip to roll in every direction.


Cozmo is a palm-sized robot which the San Francisco-based company Anki developed. One robot dog costs $180. The robot is powered by artificial intelligence, giving it a similar feature with Wall-E. The adorable robot is more like a clever pet rather than a personal assistant.

Anki is not trying to sell an AI robot that will compete with Apple. Google and other giants. Instead, Anki shows a way how people can enjoy the AI robot, deepening the relationship with technology. It goes beyond innovation but rather on connecting the technological advancement of the world.

The company succeeded in this mission. Cosmo has a lot of subtle quirks that even the adults will adore. Some people who had Cozmo stated that it reminds them of childhood experiences and getting fascinated with the emotion that the robot shows.


Aido is a smart home device that can be activated with voice. It can feel a person’s touch, recognize familiar faces and objects. Aido connects to some smart home devices using Wi-Fi. It is the best companion for people who wants to have a perfect AI assistant.

The device comes with an Android or iOS app. The app can help the users set objectives for Aido to complete while the homeowner is out. Users can remove the top portion or the head of Aido and use it as a tablet.

The cost for the device starts at $1,000 which could be expensive for some people. Nonetheless, the assistance of the device can truly be a great help for users. It also has extension packs with additional kits, including the HD projector head.

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