Arrow Season 5: Wild Dog Unmasked in ‘Spectre of the Gun’ Episode


Halfway through Arrow season 5, all the new members of Team Arrow have their background stories revealed. However, the story of one team member remains a secret. Co-executive producer Marc Guggenheim penned the episode that will air on February 15.

In an upcoming Arrow season 5 episode entitled Spectre of the Gun, Rene Ramirez (Rick Gonzalez), also known as Wild Dog, will have his moment. Judging from the episode’s title, Wild Dog’s story will be ominous.

Arrow Season 5: Wild Dog’s Origins

Wild Dog is a fictional vigilante who appeared in American comic books released by DC Comics. He initially appeared in Wild Dog # 1 in September 1987, which was developed by Max Allan Collins and Terry Beaty. Wild Dog is a recurring character in the fifth season of Arrow.

In Arrow, Wild Dog is the alias of Rene Ramirez, a reckless young vigilante and former Navy sailor influenced by Green Arrow’s crusade. Though Green Arrow initially ordered Wild Dog to stop interfering with his work, he ultimately took Rene under his wing. The Spectre of the Gun episode will likely be a tragic origin story.

Furthermore, it will also be a departure from the initial Wild Dog from DC comics. Wild Dog was not Rene Ramirez back then but Jack Wheeler, a collegiate professional athlete who lost his scholarship after an injury. After serving in the United States Marine Corps, Jack Wheeler went home to Quad City.

Sadly, a Chicago mob boss killed Jack Wheeler’s girlfriend. Suiting up in a makeshift costume, Wild Dog struck the streets searching for vengeance. He got his name when a SWAT captain ordered Jack be shot “like a wild dog.”

The story for Oliver Queen in Spectre of the Gun will be almost as fascinating as the whole series. On the other hand, CarterMatt stated that Oliver will know that the best method to defeat whoever the shooter is would be the Mayor of Star City instead of the Green Arrow. There is some sound reasoning to that, primarily because Oliver comes from a place of loyalty and respect. This ideology is different with a masked male like Wild Dog due to the concept of being hidden in anonymity.

Arrow Season 5 ‘Spectre of the Gun’ Synopsis

According to ComicBook, the episode will begin with an attack on City Hall that will trigger painful memories for Rene. The episode will delve away from the normal flashbacks of Oliver Queen’s time with the Russian mafia. The episode’s flashbacks will revolve around Rene’s advancement from a “simple family guy to a hero called Wild Dog.”

Wild Dog’s origin from the comics is pretty grim. This made him a perfect fit for Arrow in spite of his Z-list status. Things will be different from the series and the comic books’ depiction of Wild Dog.

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