Arrow Season 5 Episode 15: It’s Mayor Oliver Queen vs Vigilante

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Arrow Season 5 Episode 15: It’s Mayor Oliver Queen vs Vigilante PHOTOGRAPH: Arrow Facebook Page | Arrow

Oliver is in hot waters in the upcoming Arrow season 5 episode 15. His mayoral position is in serious trouble in the episode titled Fighting Fire with Fire. The episode will feature a showdown between Oliver and the Vigilante. On the other hand, Prometheus is bound to make things more complicated.

In episode 14 titled The Sin-Eater, Oliver told Adrian Chase to cover up the Green Arrow’s connection on the death of Detective Billy Malone. This led to a call for his impeachment as the mayor of the city. It all started when Oliver met Prometheus’ alleged mother who refused to help. In the meantime, Chien, Carrie, and Warner killed the guards that took care of their prison transfer. Oliver and Quentin tracked down the trios’ whereabouts but they escaped due to the ACS’ intervention. Afterward, Oliver appointed Dinah as the SCPD officer.

Pike received evidence that the Green Arrow is responsible for the death of Malone. Oliver blamed Prometheus for sending the evidence to Pike. The reports about the cover-up were leaked to the media tainting Oliver’s reputation.

Arrow Season 5 Episode 15: Oliver vs Vigilante vs Prometheus

In episode 15, Oliver knows that if he loses the mayoral seat would mean that Prometheus won once again. Unfortunately, the Vigilante learned about the news and determined to go after Oliver. The synopsis for the episode stated that Oliver will face one of his biggest challenge as a mayor. Moreover, the Vigilante suddenly launches an attack on him. Meanwhile, the Felicity continues to tread on the dark path together with Helix. Diggle will lead a mission to stop the Vigilante’s rampage.

Arrow and the villainous Vigilante had been in an uphill battle after the latter decided to do crimes in his own way, regardless of the consequences it may bring. The irony of his identity is the fact that the Vigilante also known as Adrian Chase served as Star City’s district attorney. Additionally, Arrow and the Vigilante shared an interesting past after they met when Oliver tried to pick up his girlfriend.

When Vigilante attacks Oliver, he surely not hesitate to put a bullet into the mayor’s head. However, Prometheus would not let the glory of killing Oliver fall into the hands of the Vigilante. The promo of episode 15 hinted that Prometheus and Vigilante might fight over the privilege of killing Oliver.

Most noteworthy, the two characters seemed to have different reasons for wanting to kill Oliver. The Vigilante wanted to end Oliver’s life due to his corruption while Prometheus seemed to plan something else for his rival. Fans can catch up on Arrow season 5 episode 15 on Wednesday, March 1, at 9 p.m. ET only on the CW.

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