Arrow Season 5 Episode 12 Plot: Find Out Why Team Is Going to Russia

Arrow Season 5 Episode 12 Plot: Find Out Why Team Is Going to Russia Under CC BY 2.0

In the upcoming Arrow season 5 episode 12, the team will be going into an international level. Detective-turned-vigilante Tina Boland (Juliana Harkavy) will accompany Oliver (Stephen Amell) and the rest of the team to Russia. Oliver and the majority of the group will visit Russia and will meet a familiar face from Oliver’s past.

Arrow Season 5 Episode 12: Team Arrow Goes International

Oliver Queen will head back to Russia. This time he will take the members of Team Arrow with him. In this season’s most significant collision of the flashbacks and today’s timeline, Anatoly (David Nikl) will make his first non-flashback appearance. Meanwhile, Lance (Paul Blackthorne), who came fresh from rehab, will return to the mayor’s workplace ready to get back at work. Nevertheless, when Susan (Carly Pope) requests for an interview with Lance to discuss his addiction, he balks at the conversation.

In the episode entitled Bratva, the preview revealed that Tina is preparing to go overseas with Team Arrow to stop a possible nuclear war. The female being tagged as the Black Canary told Oliver that she is more than ready to do the task. Oliver, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and the others are also suiting up for the objective. The teaser hinted that Oliver and Anatoly shared an ugly past. When they met, Oliver pointed out that Anatoly owes him something. Unfortunately, Rene will not be coming with the team. He will remain in Star City and assist Lance with his interview with Susan.

On the other hand, it remains unclear if Tina is prepared to team up with with Team Arrow. She is thinking about how she rejected Oliver’s offer in the last episode. She gained her supersonic scream after a S.T.A.R. Lab particle accelerator took off. She remained in town for a specific missions. She wants the man who killed her lover several years ago. Tina traced her target to Hub City, where the culprit is currently reigning as a drug lord.

Arrow season 5 episode 11 Second Chances recap

Meanwhile, there was a lot to anticipate in episode 11. In the latter moments of the 10th episode of the season, fans discovered that there is a metahuman with identical powers to Black Siren’s. Fans also got their first glimpse at Talia al Ghul and saw a much darker side of Felicity Smoak. Episode 11 lived up to the expectations, touching on all of the setups from the previous episode.

In episode 11 Second Chances, Oliver offered Tina a.k.a the Black Siren an opportunity for redemption. Tina is Earth-2’s Laurel Lance. Oliver will begin his search to look for the new Black Canary in order to honor the late Laurel Lance. Fans can catch Arrow Season 5 Episode 12 on Wednesday, February 8, at 8 p.m. EST on the CW.

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