Armageddon Predictions 2017: Know Why End Of The World Is Imminent

Armageddon Predictions 2017: Know Why End Of The World Is Imminent PHOTOGRAPH: Rafido/Pixabay | City Explosion Building Sky Fire Nuclear

While 2016 has not been a year of prosperity, believers have been alleging that 2017 would bring the Armageddon. This is because of the blood of San Gennaro.

Armageddon: The Cause

Miracles have long been documented throughout history, but the miracle of the blood of San Gennaro is a whole other story. The blood of San Gennaro is a relic that is kept preserved. It is in a glass capsule that was taken out from the casket.

Surprisingly, the blood is relied upon to liquefy three times a year, said Mirror UK. The publication also stated that the relic is 700 years old.

On December 16, the glass capsule with the blood of the patron saint of Naples was taken out from the casket. The capsule was carried by cardinal Crescenzio Sepe. However, it had failed to liquefy.

There have been situations where the blood takes its time to finish the liquefaction process. Coincidentally, these years of liquefaction absence have been marked by global calamity and disaster. And now more than ever, this has been a cause for concern among the locals.

Armageddon: The Effect

The non-liquefaction has led to significantly dangerous disasters and mishaps. In addition, it is cited that the failure of the miracle would lead to the arrival of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

There had been times when the miracle did not occur. Furthermore, the effects of those failures were horrendous.

In September 1939 and 1940, the World War II started. In addition, Italy also got involved in the war.

Similarly, in September 1943, the Nazi occupation of Italy commenced. In September 1973, a devastatingly powerful cholera gripped Naples. A horrific earthquake took place in September 1980, killing several, said Quotidiano.

These are few of the most recent disasters which had taken place due to the failure of the miracle. There were records of disasters from the previous centuries as well.